Writing Prompt

"I spent the day giving birth to little words with loud cries."

Every Wednesday I post a new writing prompt and everyone is welcome to post their interpretation of it in the comments (or if you post on a blog you can send me the link). I'd love your feedback on what I write and can't wait to see what you write! And always feel free to post in the comments of any past prompts too!

WPW: Random Sentence
Open a book and pick a sentence at random. That's the first line of your story.

WPW: Last moments alive
Describe your final thoughts in the moments before you die.

WPW: Crowd Surfing
Write a meaningful story in 5 sentences.

WPW: Got a secret, can you keep it?
Write about secrets.

WPW: Senses
Write about only having one of your 5 senses.

WPW: Turn up the heat
Write about heat.

Write a story where each sentence starts with the next letter of the QWERTY keyboard.

WPW: A Photo Story
Take a look at the photo and write whatever comes.

The following are just things I've written, no specific prompt but they may give you inspiration for something you want to write. Take a read and find out.

To walk a mile in her shoes
I went on a hike and got to wear my late Mother-in-law's old hiking boots. The experience got me thinking about what walking in her shoes metaphorically would be like.

If you give Jocelyn a broom and other forms of ADCD
I clean my house much like a mouse eats a cookie...

Thank Goodness for Good Friends
Have you ever loved a TV show so much that you felt like you were friends with the characters. That's how it is for me and the lovely folks in Stars Hollow. (That's Gilmore Girls for those of you who didn't catch the reference.)

A Christmas Carol
Visit Christmas past and Christmas present and take a hard look at what Christmas future will hold.

The Soundtrack of My Life
The best writing prompts involve music and memories.

The Dryer. How many red flags does it take?
Take a monster hunting 8 year old, add a sneaky older brother and a dryer. What do you get? This story. (Writing prompt 13 from Writing Tips)

This is actually about hiccups. Go figure. Remember what I said about anything being a story with the right adjective? Consider this exhibit A.                                                  

 Writing Tips

Here I've made a collection of my favorite writing tips, ideas and motivations. Get ready for link overload.

Morning and Night
Two poems on my favorite parts of the day.

The Things Nightmares are Made of
A helpless sick baby is any new mother's nightmare.

The Story of Tallulah and Gorge
This is the story of my BFFL Allison, how we met and why I sometimes say, "That is jacked up, J- jacked up."

Evelyn's Birth Story
The very long and detailed account of my daughter's birth. You have been warned.

It All Started with a Bookmark
My husband thinks he's sooo funny...

Meeting Mrs. Langford
A diary entry straight from the 13 year old me when I was living with my Aunt Darla in England and doing homeschool. This day was really a memorable one. Read on to find out why.

First Date
Part two in the motorcycle boy and subway girl saga.

How I met Chris
This is the story of motorcycle boy and subway girl and why those are our names.

Majestical Newsroom Land
My first impressions of the newsroom where I will be interning. Find out all about the pretty anchors who read the pretty news and make the pretty pretty money.

Rainy day
The best possible way to spend a rainy day. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself.

Fish out of Water
Harry Ow comes swimming at Hanauma Bay everyday. But he's not like all the other patrons. This 85 year old man has some stories to tell.

The Perfect Summer Day
Here I am in Hawaii and yet all I can think about is a good ol' pool day with my best friend, back in Georgia.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and this is what I believe in.

How We Ended Up in Hawaii
The dream place to live and we got sent here for work. How did that all fall into place. Click and find out.

A Mother's Intuition
How is it possible that mom's are always right about everything? Is there some sort of class or something?? What gives?!

My 21st Birthday
Take some balloons, a dinner reservation, and a house full of friends and what do you get? The worst attempt at a surprise party EVER! (A for effort though).

This might make you laugh

What would you do if you woke up to a freezing cold glass of water being dumped on your head? Well I'll tell you what I did, all three times that it happened.

The Funniest Night of my Life
The hilarious story of how hilarious my husband is and how he made me laugh until my brains exploded out my eyes.

Reminiscing on my love of the Harry Potter series, the books and movies, and how they impacted my life and helped me cultivate my strongest ability: imagination.

My humorous adventure of my not so wonderful first day in my broadcast journalism class.

The one time I decide to be spontaneous and not think about consequences lands me in a little bit of trouble and leaves me with a broken heart.

My trip through family heritage during a summer vacation. I learned a little about where I came from and got to ponder where I am going.

My Wedding Day
My memories of my perfect day when I married my perfect husband and started my Happily Ever After.

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