Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seven Months Old

Evelyn turned seven months old on Pi Day (3/14). And boy oh boy is this kid giving me a run for my money. Solid foods have got her...how shall I put this and remain a lady...hmm backed up. Which in turn has made her not sleep and cry. A lot.

The doctor suggested prune juice but since she's not an 85 year old woman, she didn't like it very much. Go figure.

She's still not crawling but she sits like a champ. I think she's going to be a little drummer because she is always patting her hands on the floor or her leg or my arm. She's so rhythmic.

As a special treat on this post I give you, Evelyn's 6 month photos done by my good friend Malae of Malae Talley Photo and Design.

Malae also took my maternity photos and these super cute ones from a hair extension photo shoot:

Now without further adieu, My beautiful baby Evelyn:

Can you see the resemblance?

Sometimes she just likes to yell. 

Do you have a favorite? I love the ones with the blankets. My grandma and little sister each made one of them and I thought it was such a sweet idea to get photos with them. I'm also glad I got to jump in on a few, now the next step will be convincing Chris to get his photo taken so we can get some family shots.


  1. I can't pick a favorite. She is so gosh darn adorable. I want to hold her now. May needs to hurry up and get here!

  2. You cloth diaper? We do and I am ADDICTED! I cant stop buying them! They are SO CUTE