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Idle hands makes Jack a dull boy...or something like that. Maybe I'm ADD maybe I'm just CRAZY, either way I have a hard time sitting still. To remedy that, I love crafting.

Every Monday I post a new craft tutorial. Have a scroll and check em' out!

3 Pair of Jeans
I took three pair of out of date jeans and turned them into something wearable. Check out the result.

DIY "Places you wanna go" cork board map

Read a story about my epic trial and error. Then get a tutorial on how to make a map that will liven up any plain, white wall and give you some vacations to look forward to.

DIY Moby wrap

Buy the fabric and cut it. There, I saved you from reading the tutorial.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies you ever did eat

You're gonna want to make these. Like yesterday.

Free (or cheap) DIY gift ideas
For the birthday forgetter and last minute gifter in all of us.

Easy Oreo Ice Cream Dream Recipe
The perfect summer dessert. Easy and delicious!

Ikea Hack: DIY bench cushions

First turn an Ikea entertainment center into a bench and them make some crazy easy cushions for them. Done and done!

5 Quick and Easy DIY 4th of July Decorations

So fast you can do them while the baby is sleeping. Go!

Turn your favorite photos into works of art for under $10 a pop! It's quick, easy and pretty fun too.

Yarn Bottles Tutorial

An tutorial for a cute wall hanging. Not the easiest project, but it sure turns out well!

DIY toilet paper roll wall art
An easy step by step tutorial on cute and affordable toilet paper roll wall art.

Crafty Lil Peach part 1
These are all the things I made to decorate the bathroom in our previous apartment. You can look forward to seeing the following crafts:

Crafty lil' Peach Part deux
These are things I made to decorate our bedroom in our Hawaii house.

Get the kind of back scratches you deserve without having a feminine husband.

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