Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crafty lil' Peach part deux

Almost exactly a year ago, I made Crafty lil' Peach. A poor girl has to make a house feel homey somehow. Even if it means making everything myself. Well now that I'm living in Hawaii and sharing a house with other people I don't really have the luxury of decorating the whole house. So instead I put all my good skills to work on our teeny tiny little bedroom. So take a look.

I got a mirror and a shelf to hang on the wall and bought a little memo board and then did the rest myself.

The walls looked a little bare, even with the things I hung up, so I decided to fill in the cracks with one of those toilet paper roll creations. If you haven't heard of them, I'm sure this sounds pretty crazy. But this is what they look like.

These are super easy to make! Just fold a toilet paper or paper towel roll until it is flat. Then cut it into relatively even sized pieces. After that you can just arrange the pieces in whichever way you like. I used wood glue to put them together because it's all I had laying around. But I'm sure that regular craft glue would work too. So that I could glue more than one flower together at one time, I used bobby pins and clothes pins to hold the individual pieces together while they were drying. When I was done, I just spray painted them with metallic black paint. Viola!

My theme for the room was damask and I decided to use blue as a contrast color. I bought this sheet set (we don't use a blanket because it's too hot here.) at Ross cause it was cheap and cute.

I bought that dresser in the corner at a yard sale for next to nothing. But the look just didn't go with my decor. So I decided to paint it. The only problem is that the dresser is laminate and I was told that you can't paint laminate. So I googled and found this great tutorial.

I didn't want to paint it any old solid color, and I had seen this clever idea on pinterest to paint designs on something in the same color but glossy. So this is what I came up with.

The base color is matte finish and the swirls are a glossy finish. I bought the smallest cans of paint available and still have a ridiculous amount of paint left. I'm still looking for something to do with them.
I free handed the swirls. For a detailed tutorial check out this blog.

Next I wanted something a little Hawaii-ish. So a chose a painting of a whale. I also saw this on pinterest and decided it looked easy enough that I could do it. Three canvases, three shades of blue. I penciled on the design and then just painted. It took a couple coats and up close you can see the mistakes. But all in all, I'm proud of how it turned out.

Now that I had done all these art projects, I needed a place to keep my paint. So I made a paint box. At first it was just a big poptart value pack box, but I wanted to make it a little more painty. So I covered it in paint chips. Just a little bit of craft glue and folded over the edges. It took a little while but I love the way it turned out.

The room is a little messy but this is how that wall turned out.

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