Spectacular Saturday

On Spectacular Saturday, anything goes. In the links below you may find an update on our life, or a rant on something that's bugging me at the moment or any other random combination of 26 different letter.

Evelyn's Snow White Birthday Party
This party turned out better than I could have pictured it. I had every detail down to the 'poison apple' party favors.

My baby is a year old 
I'm not sure how it happened but I am now the mother of a one year old. Take a trip down memory lane with me over this past year.

The day that doesn't matter
I don't know if I'll always remember the day that was meant to be my due date, but it's still fresh in my mind a year later. Take a look at an excerpt from my journal that day.

Life's Waiting Room
Some words of wisdom to live by when your life seems to stand still.

My first real yoga class
An inner monologue.

What I wish I'd known before buying ALL the baby stuff
A guide for new moms before they buy EVERYTHING.

11 month old baby
My baby is almost a year. Does anyone have advice for how to slow down time a little? Or maybe a lot?

Fourth of July Festivities
We had a fabulous fourth! And I even got to use my DIY projects to decorate our little shin dig.

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