Saturday, August 16, 2014

Spectacular Saturday: My Baby is a Year Old!

I seriously cannot believe an entire year has gone by since Evelyn was born. (She can't believe it either...just check out that 12 month picture^^.) I'm honestly amazed at how fast the time flew and how I can't actually remember the pain of child birth or recovery. I read blog posts and journal entries from that time and I vaguely remember that there was pain but that's the extent of it. 

What I do know is that I am so lucky to get to be the mother of this incredible girl. She is so smart and full of life and attitude. It's a little scary how much attitude she has.

In honor of her turning one, take a trip with me down memory lane with this video:

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So what's a one year old like?

  • She's gotten a little braver about walking. She can take 8-10 steps before she face plants in a fit of giggle. She also loves to hold my fingers to walk around or to push her walker because it's a little faster than trying it on her own.
  • She goes back and forth between wanting food and not eating anything. It's a little hard and I find myself stressing over what to feed her. We think she has a milk allergy so it's been strictly almond milk, which she loves.
  • As far as her "tricks" go: she waves bye bye, she gives open mouth kisses but also makes the kissy sound by popping her lips, she gives loves to everything from a sock she found on the floor to her teddy bears. She'll put whatever she's giving loves to up to her cheek and say, "Ohhh". 
  • When she drops or throws something on the floor she says her version of Uh-Oh, "Uh-Uhm". She's figured out how to pull my shirt open and ask for milk...that's gotta stop. She plays peek a boo by putting one hand in the center of her face and staring at you with a huge grin.
  • She loves her swing and bouncing on the trampoline. She climbs up on EVERYTHING and loves to dance whenever there is music playing.
  • She's down to two naps a day and is FINALLY sleeping through the night. (Thank Goodness!)
  • She loves the bath and could seriously spend like 30 minutes in there, no problem.
  • She says mama, and dada and something that sounds like "cat" whenever she sees our kitten, Oatmeal.

I'm so in love with this cuddly girl and I swear that I love her more and more everyday. She is the light of my world and even though she's stressful sometimes, I wouldn't trade my life with her for anything in the world.


  1. She is so stinking cute! I'm so sad we didn't get to come to her birthday party. We were planning on it and then the last minute weren't able to make it. Give her a big birthday squeeze for us!

    1. Thanks! That's okay, we missed you though!