Fresh Home

Every Friday I post a fresh idea for your home or my home or everybody's home! Yay for fresh homes! But not homes to get fresh in...don't be crazy.

Birthday Calendar
A great way to get organized and never forget your loved ones birthdays again!

Seasonal Subway Art
The fastest and easiest decoration for any season. As easy as switching a picture in a frame.

Clean your bathroom in just 5 minutes!
The title really says it all, doesn't it?

A Book Nook
I can't wait to have a library in my own house. Take a look at some of my favorite book spaces.

50+ Uses for Mason Jars
I scoured the internet and have the best uses for mason jars all compiled in one little place. Yay!

Easy to follow cleaning schedule
Everyone likes a clean house but not everyone likes to clean. Follow this schedule for a quick way to keep the house clean without constantly smelling like bleach.

Home Remodel Stage 2: Flourish Part 2
The yard is done so at least we can enjoy that.. since we're still living underground like some sort of mole people.

Future Home Inspiration
Someday my basement home will be a real home. Until that day I'll just find inspiration for how I want to decorate.

Home Remodel Update--City Setbacks
The city is being supa lame about us getting our building permits. BAH!

Home Remodel Stage 2: Flourish
Working on the yard already and it's going to look so bomb!

Home Remodel Stage 1: De-Uglify part 2
Finally did the walls in Evelyn's room and now it's set up like a real nursery/guest room.

Home Remodel Stage 1: De-Uglify
After getting rid of the putrid cat pee smelling shag carpet and did a little painting, the house is kinda starting to look semi okay.

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