Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Home Remodel Stage 1: De-Uglify Part Two

We finally finished Evelyn's room and I have to say, I am loving that this room is functional now. It makes the house seem so much bigger. The room is a bit eclectic in terms of color scheme. But it works for her temporary nursery until we finish upstairs. Then I'll decorate it in a put together, planned sort of fashion, but for now this works.

It may seem a little crowded but that's because it's also serving as a guest/craft room.

Take a look at the before and afters:




The pictures are a story of Evelyn from the pregnancy test to newborn.

The bunk bed is the "guest room" part.

On the left Evelyn's Grandma Charlotte and the right her Great (x2) Grandma Evelyn Deon.
(Hence her name, Charlotte Evelyn Deon.)


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