Hey there. I'm Jocelyn, this is my husband Chris and our daughter, Evelyn. We met at BYU in Provo, Utah (read the story here) and were married 7 months later (listen to the wedding bells here.) I don't believe in love at first sight, but love at first date maybe. We are brand new parents and are ecstatic for the world to meet baby Evelyn. Check out the announcement here and her birth story.

I was born in Germany as an army brat, but spent most of my childhood in Georgia (with a brief stint in England for a year) so I consider myself a Georgia peach and I really love the South. Since Chris and I have been married we've lived in Florida and Hawaii and right now we're living in our first grown up house in Utah.

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So what's LGP all about? My crazy beautiful life (cue Kesha)!

Make Something Monday is always a new DIY tutorial
Writing Prompt Wednesday is a way for you to get those creative writing juices flowing, or just read some fun stories.
Fresh Home Friday is full of fresh ideas for decorating and running your home and updates on our never ending home remodel.
Spectacular Saturday is one big fat fun surprise. Even I don't know what it's gonna be (so you know it'll be good.)

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  1. hey! I’ve nominated your blog for a liebster award because I love reading it and it is super cute. it’s just something cute and fun. find more info here: http://arielle-likethemermaid.blogspot.com/2014/02/20-questions-liebster-award.html
    love, arielle