Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Home Remodel Update-- City Setbacks

So the plan was that when I went to Georgia, Christopher's dad would come and help him build the house so it would be mostly done by the time I got back. That way we wouldn't have to find somewhere to stay and I wouldn't be bugging Christopher to spend time with me because I was lonely while he was doing something more important....like building our house. (And the sad part is I would do that.)

So we (read Chris and his dad) worked really hard to get all the plans ready to turn into the city so we could get our building permits. We turned them in, in what would have been plenty of time and then we got a call. 

Apparently out existing bunker home is slightly too close to the property line. Like barely.
 (Well good thing it was built on wheels and we can just push it over. 'Really you built it on wheels, well that was convenient. 'No I didn't build it on wheels I'd have to tear it down and rebuild it!' Name that Gilmore Girl reference)

So obviously there is NOTHING that we can do about that but protocol is protocol so we have to meet with some committee so they can approve that our house is where it is...

Except the committee only meets every other week. And the day they called us, THE COMMITTEE HAD JUST FINISHED MEETING!!! Yeah because calling the day before would be way too much work. But then it turns out you have to turn in an application to be apart of the meeting 3 weeks in advance. So it wouldn't have mattered anyways.

So now Chris can't even meet with them until the day after I get back from Georgia. So that sucks.

Cross your fingers that a meteor lands on that particular city building not killing anyone but rendering them incapable of being jerks and signed building permits go floating into the air where we, in the cheering crowd, can grab one and skip off gleefully into the sunset. 

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  1. Hey Jocelyn, please put the remodelled home's photos here. I would like to see it. One more thing, Evelyn is truly innocent and beautiful child. Loved her pics.