Monday, May 19, 2014

"9 Months in, 9 Months Out"

Evelyn has officially been outside of my body for the same length of time that she was inside my body. (Does that sound gross or what?)

Here's a little update on what my cute button has been up to:

Eating: She loves peaches, pears, peas, graham crackers and those little dissolvable baby puffs. She likes to bounce when she eats so feeding her is like trying to get a spoon in a tiny moving target. And she's been experimenting with drinking water. She still nurses before bedtime and naps.

Movement: I guess 9 is the magic month! She turned 9 months on the 14 and started crawling on the 15th. She pulls herself up on furniture on occasion. She rolls around and sits on her knees. It makes it really hard to change her diaper.

Talking: She says mama and dada and babbles all the time like crazy.

Playtime: Her new favorite thing to do is put a toy inside a basket or box and then pull it out and play with it and then put it back in. She also likes to clap toys together and then she'll drop them and clap for herself. She especially loves when you say YAY for her.

Sleep: Unfortunately I think Evelyn is teething which means sleep for all of us is a little hard to come by. She only gets up once during the night which is ok, but naps during the day have become few and far between. She gets so tired but she won't sleep and then she just cries and cries and then I just cry and cry. It's been a rough week.

So to combat with our lack of sleep we go on a lot of walks. Thankfully the weather has been nice enough to allow it. Evelyn really loves playing outside and she loves her stroller. 

In other news we leave for Georgia soon and I'm a tad nervous about the red eye flight what with all the teething. So say a little prayer for me. Then a couple weeks after that we go to DisneyWorld with the family. I'm really excited to take her but hoping that she won't get overwhelmed and overstimulated by all there is to see.

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  1. She is so cute! Good luck with the flight, I hope she does well and have fun at Disneyworld! That would be sooo fuuun! :))