Sunday, May 18, 2014

21 item packing challenge

So the awesome thing about my weight loss is that it's given me the opportunity to reevaluate my closet since a lot of things don't fit right anymore. Also the majority of my wardrobe stemmed from high school and I just graduated college so it's about time to update a little.

In anticipation of this a few months ago I spent a good deal of time on Pinterest finding outfits that I liked so that when it came time to go shopping, I wasn't shopping blind. When my board was full I made a list of common clothes in most of the pictures and when I went shopping I wasn't just browsing for something that caught my eye, but I could actually look with a purpose. It was much less frustrating. 

Here comes the OCD part. Now that I had all these cute new pieces to my wardrobe I wanted to make sure I wore them all. So I went through my whole closet and took pictures of all the clothing combinations which in some cases included belts and necklaces. I organized them into photo albums on my phone: casual pants outfits, skirts and dresses, shorts, leggings. You may have my Mom's initial reaction and say, "What a waste of time, why would you do that?"

Because now when I shop and I come across a pile of tank tops and I know I wanted one for some shirt or dress I can just check my phone to see what color I need to get. Or if I find something I love but wonder, 'what would I wear this with?' I can just check my pictures and see my whole wardrobe right there. And lastly, I'm pretty sure all of us have looked in a full closet and said "I have nothing to wear!" Now I don't have to look in my closet to decide what to wear. I can decide on the complete outfit photo from my phone and the bonus is that I don't end up with a bunch of things on the floor from trying things on and not being happy with how they went together. 

So now here's the challenge. I leave in roughly 3 days to go to Georgia for 3 weeks. I am the QUEEN of being incapable of packing light. (Aside from one weeklong trip in which I packed in a messenger bag). I have all these cute new clothes and naturally I want to bring all of them but my suitcase is only so big and has to have room for Evelyn's stuff and all my hair and make-up products. 

I've been looking around all these fashion blogs and found something called the 30 day remix where they make 30 days worth of outfits from 30 items. I decided I could do something similar in order to pack light. So here goes, 21 items to make up 21 days of outfits:

*Disclaimer: Things I did not include in  my item count are undershirts, and accessories. Also underwear, and workout clothes.

Excuse the photo overlap....just wanted the picture to be a little bigger.

So stay tuned. In about a month you'll get to see the 21 outfits I came up with!

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