Friday, July 4, 2014

Fresh Home Friday: One day when I have a real house...

So guess what....I'm still living in the basement. *Sigh*. The city said it was "no probs fool" that our house was a foot too close to the property line. It was a 15 minute meeting of, "Will someone move to begin the meeting?" "I do." "Will someone second that motion." BAHH! It was so ridiculous.

So now we are just waiting for our engineer to clear up his schedule and sign a little paper that says our solid concrete structure is sturdy enough to build on. I dream someday that I'll have a real house but now I just wallow in my dungeon and slowly get paler and paler.

Okay, I'm not that pathetic. But one time I did climb up on to my roof (as if it's a feat) and closed my eyes and pretended I was in my kitchen looking out the window into my backyard. Ok...I am pathetic.

So until my house is built I just dream of how I'll decorate it. Today's Fresh Home Friday is some of my favorite decorating ideas that maybe someday I'll get to use.

After writing about so many cute, rustic weddings on The Red Dirt Bride I saw so many cute things that I wanted to re-do my own wedding. But since I don't plan on getting remarried, I figured I could use the same shabby chic/rustic decor in decorating my house.

I love this eclectic decorating style. I could replicate something like this on a bookshelf or side table. Photo Credit.
This would be so cute in place of a headboard or in Evie's room. Photo Credit.
I'm loving this vintage-y teapot as a kitchen table centerpiece. Photo credit.
How cute would this look hanging in my kitchen?! Photo credit.
I love this old door turned into a shelf. Photo credit.
This is such a great night stand! Photo credit.

I have a bunch of old windows like this that I've been trying to decide what to do with. Photo credit
I love this craft organization. I'm so excited for a craft room!! Photo credit.
And for the credit.

I guess since I'm not busy decorating a house right now I could just create an inspiration board and really solidify how I'm going to decorate so that when that day appears I'll be ready. 

Or I could just pout in my bunker.

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