Saturday, July 5, 2014

Spectacular Saturday: Fourth Festivities

Yesterday was so perfect. We spent the first part of the day chilling out and getting ready for our evening cookout. In my book, it was the way a fourth of July should be. Chris has really perfected our yard with a great pathway, fire pit, tree swings, and even a little pond for the ducks. Yes...we have ducks. We had a few friends over and ate yummy food and just enjoyed each other's company. And the evening ended the way all summer evenings should: with s'mores.
The decorations I made were a great festive touch to the backyard.

We were lucky that all our neighbors shelled out the big bucks for gorgeous aerial fireworks, so we had our own personal show while we enjoyed gooey marshmallows. The fourth is one of my favorite holidays because we get to celebrate our incredible country during my favorite season while eating yummy food and getting to watch fireworks. The best part is that in Utah we get this kind of celebration twice. 
On the 24th is Pioneer Day which is basically the same as the fourth of July, except here it's even bigger. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth celebrating as much as I did!


  1. I just went through your profile. You are enjoying your life to the fullest. Filling up all your dreams and hobbies with a little chubby daughter of yours. A fantastic life anyone would dreamt of..... God bless your family.

    1. That's so kind, thank you! Thanks for visiting the site!