Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's a....

We had our ultra sound early this morning and had the technician seal the gender in an envelope. It was SO hard not to look. The ultra sound was incredible! Our sweet baby actually looks like a baby now and not a blob. We saw it's little fist and little toes. I'm so grateful for technology that we could check for any problems and have some cute pictures of our little growing baby.

This evening, Chris' cousin and his photographer wife took our gender envelope and bought balloons for our awesome gender reveal photo shoot.

Since most of you have already scrolled down to the pictures, I'll just stop writing now and get to the good stuff.

and then I started crying...big alligator tears

I knew it was a girl! Chris was convinced it was a boy but he's still happy to have a little princess.

I have to give a huge thank you and shout out to our amazing photographer, Amanda from Campbell Photography (visit her website here). She did such a fantastic job. We're so thankful that she could be there to capture this special moment for us.


  1. Ha ha Mike! Aren't you always write? Congratulations Jocie, you are going to have so much fun.

  2. Just so I understand, it is a little boy who likes pink right?

  3. Yay!!! Congratulations....

    (I was right.)

  4. So HAPPY! so so so happy, I can't even say anything cutesy right now! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!