Saturday, July 12, 2014

Spectacular Saturday: 11 month baby

As Evelyn gets older I keep thinking about what I was doing last year at this time. I can't believe that it's been a whole year since I was preparing for her birth. Doing my last minute shopping, setting up her bassinet, packing my birth center bag. And now she's almost a year old. It's like once she started becoming more mobile time fast forwarded. I swear it was only yesterday that she rolled from back to front for the first time and now all she wants to do is walk everywhere (holding onto someone's finger). I know time is going to continue to get faster, the older she gets and I just hate it. Does anyone have advice on how to slow down and enjoy every little moment?

It's the weirdest struggle between wanting her to play quietly by herself so I can do the dishes and wanting to wake her up from a nap so I can just cuddle her. 

She turns 11 months on Monday! 

Baby stats: 
Percentile- short, skinny with a huge head

Food- she eats everything except milk and peanut butter. She loves feeding herself and loves strawberries the most. I still nurse her a few times a day before naps but it's more for comfort than anything else. She's starting to get the hang of her sippy cup but doesn't want a bottle. Ever.

Sleep- Naps have been total madness. Some days it takes the better part of an hour to put her to sleep and then she wakes up after 20 minutes. Other times I lay her down and she's asleep before her head is on the mattress. At night she sleeps 8a-8p and wakes up once usually around 5a to nurse. I'm about done with that. 
Teeth- she has two on top, three on bottom, and it looks like one more coming in on the bottom. 

Moving- she crawls everywhere, pulls herself up to standing, into her rocking chair, and occasionally into her toy basket. When she can get someone to stand still she'll grab their thumbs and walk them around. She has a cute little walker that she loves but hasn't quite figured out how to turn around.

Play- my mom taught Evelyn how to give something "loves". She'll hold it up to her face and make a cooing "awe" sound. She also gives kisses and high fives in occasion. She has a new best friend, our kitten, Oatmeal Jackson. He is so gentle with her and they play together in the cutest way. Usually chasing each other up the stairs.

I guess it's time to start thinking about her first birthday party. I can't even believe it. 


  1. She is absolutely darling! Thanks for posting, I love it. I lounge the picture with the cat, so cute! Let me know if you find a way to slow down time. I want that too

  2. She is so completely adorable! That cat must be very patient to let her squeeze it like that, so darn cute!