Saturday, August 2, 2014

Spectacular Saturday: Life's Waiting Room

As glamorous as it is to be a stay at home mom (and I am talking GLAM-OR-OUS, what with the looking so great from not getting a full night's sleep and always having some substance spilled on your clothes and not having the time to really put on make-up...too  much glamour..I mean really) I kind of feel like I'm just in limbo.

I'm pretty much done with my Summer vacationing with a possible trip to Arizona penciled in the planner. We turned in our second set of stuff to the city to get our building permit, but now we just have to wait. And to be honest I'm just waiting for our next rejection. I'm back to the daily grind and it isn't that exciting.

It's like every so often in life you hit a waiting room. Sometimes it's a literal waiting room with terrible magazines and your number is last on the list. But occasionally it's a figurative stage of life. The thing is, even though I'm in this stage of life I'm basically in the best waiting room in the world. I have the newest edition of every magazine at my finger tips and the option to change the TV to any channel I want. Plus there's bowls full of my favorite candy on the counter.

And all that basically means is that I have the opportunity to do whatever I want. The world is at my fingertips. I can make the most of this waiting game and do something with my time and energy that will be worth while. You wish your literal waiting rooms were as great as my figurative one.

I'm starting to live my life by this mantra:

It's hanging on my mirror in my bedroom and it's a reminder to me that it doesn't have to be just another day. I can do anything I want with my day and literally nothing is stopping me.

My mirror is actually full of quotes. I'm just that kind of person who draws inspiration from words. Might as well share them with you too:

So don't let today pass you by, waiting. Go do something. I guess that quote by Vivian Greene is pretty fitting here too,

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain."

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