Monday, June 30, 2014

Make Something Monday: 5 Quick & Easy DIY Fourth of July Decorations

Ya'll. YA'LL! The fourth is on Friday and if you're anything like me you've majorly procrastinated putting up adorable decorations so your house looks festive (maybe you've also procrastinated making party plans..also like me.)

Well lucky for you on our first official Make Something Monday I have five quick and easy decorations you can make with stuff you have at home (mostly)...right now....while the baby is sleeping. For reals. Do it and decorate and your husband (or wife, I'm not judging on who has the crafty tendencies) won't know what hit 'em.

So don't just read it, go grab the materials and get crafting!

1. Festive Wine Glasses
I layered beans in some cute wine glasses for this one and finished it off with a bow. If you have the resources any red, white, and blue small object would work. (i.e. m&m's, jellybeans, marbles). Yes, those are black beans...nothing gets passed you. But I think they work for this and kind of have that vintage-y feel to the colors.

First, go grab two of your funnest looking wine glasses/stemware.
Next, raid your pantry slash food storage for red beans, white beans and black beans.
Then, grab some cute red, white or blue ribbon.
Now, Layer the beans and tie yourself a cute bow.
Success! Now move on to #2.

2. Pinwheels

What's more American than pinwheels?! Grab your favorite red, white, and blue scrapbook paper, some pencils, thumbtacks, scissors or a paper cutter and some glue.

First, cut your paper into squares. I did mine several different sizes the biggest was 6" and the smallest was 3".

Next, Unless your paper is two sided with different designs you should glue two squares together back to back.

Then, Use a ruler and a pencil to draw an X on your square. Snip diagonally down each corner almost to the center but not quite. I don't have a measurement for you, just don't cut so far that it will rip but far enough that you could fold the corners to the center.

Now, You want to fold every other corner into the center making sure the points overlap and use a push pin to pin them to the eraser of a pencil like so.

*Optional* Paint your pencils or wrap them in cute paper (They don't have to be perfect, I just wasn't loving the green plaid of mine).

Success! Now for something to stick your pinwheels in move on to #3. (Note that I made a bunch of pinwheels so it took me longer. If you're looking for a quicker craft, only make one or two. The same applies for craft #3)

3. Cute mason jars

Okay so mine are not the mason jar brand, but I'm covering them so it doesn't matter anyway. I am kind of weird about saving jars so I had a few to choose from and I liked how it looked to do a few different sizes. You could also raid your local Goodwill or DI cause they always have 'em.

First, get your mason jars, some red, white, and/or blue tissue paper (two colors is ideal), scissors and some tape. I went ahead and filled my jar up with beans. (Just don't accidentally tip it over on the floor when wrapping your tissue paper.)

Next, Wrap both sheets of tissue paper, both colors on top of each other, around the jar. Your more dominant color should be on top and the tissue paper should be taller than the jar. Tape it down.


Then, snip around the top of the tissue paper like so:

Now, you should be able to see your other color. You're just going to twist the two colors together and kind of mash the center back into the jar. No tape necessary.

Success! Shove your pinwheels in there (nicely of course) and head to #4, quick the baby's nap is almost over!

4. Print this out and stick it in a frame. (It was made by yours truly).

Success! Wasn't that easy? Don't put that printer away just yet, get on over to #5 first!

5. USA in frames
This last one is nearly as easy as #4.

First, you want to find three complimentary frames (they DO NOT have to be the same size).
Next, grab some cute scrapbook or just colored paper and print out the letters below.
Then, trace the letters onto your cute paper and cut them out.
Now, tape or glue them onto some complimentary paper and stick them in your frames!

The final step is to set everything up strategically around your house to amaze your spouse!

I would LOVE to see how you used these to decorate for the fourth! Send me your pictures, or put links to where they are posted in the comments below.

Do you have a request for Make Something Monday? Give me some comment love and tell me all about it. I'd love to help you with your crafting dreams!

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