Monday, July 21, 2014

Make Something Monday: Free (or cheap) DIY gifts

Has anyone else noticed that Summer is the season of birthdays? It seems like every week is someone else's birthday that I've forgotten...thanks a lot Facebook. Yeah, I'm pretty much a terrible friend and family member. But what I am pretty good at is the last minute throw together gift. Whether you have an hour before the party or a day to run to Walmart, I gotcha covered.

None of these are groundbreakingly brilliant ideas or anything. But generally when you're in need of something clever that says, "Happy Birthday, I care about you so I made you a gift instead of buying one" instead of, "Happy Birthday, I bought this at the gas station on the way here," people's minds tend to go blank.

001 Make a card.

This one is as by the book as it goes, but don't let that keep you from trying it out. You can do something classic with construction paper and scissors or get silly and make something on the computer.  If you have a little extra time and money you can have your card printed at Walmart, same day.

002 Coupons.

Another pretty typical one but the fun part is that you can make it totally personalized and hilarious. I made these for my little sister's birthday. She just started college so you can see how these are fun. Also, go all out crazy with some fine print. Just for an extra giggle. I made these on picmonkey.

003 Picture Collage/ Video

Can you tell I like to laugh? These can be goofy but they also be really meaningful too. The video might take a little more time depending on how you do it, but if it's more a slideshow of images it can be quick. These gifts are great cause they can be emailed or shared on social media so they can make their way all over the world. Or stick the photo in a cute frame (one you have or buy a new one).

004 A Gently Loved Book

Okay, yes this is used, but hear me out! If you have a good friend or family member who loves to read (and you do too) give them a book that you love. The more used it looks the better. Then they know that you really loved it. Write a message on the title page and maybe mark some of the parts you like best. Now when they read it, it's like you're reading it together.

005 Baked Goods

Another classic. All you need is what is in your baking cupboard. Do you have a famous cookie recipe that everyone loves? Maybe people die over your s'more brownies. Or perhaps you don't have a recipe, then you could just stay tuned for my famous chocolate chip cookie recipe on next week's Make Something Monday! Wrap them in some festive paper and add that homemade card and you're good to go!

Bonus! If you have a little bit of money to spend (emphasis on little) try a themed gift!

Use your creativity on these and personalize it!

  • Movie night: A couple $5 Walmart movies, popcorn, hot chocolate, and candy.
  • Spa night: lotion, hair ties, nail polish, remover, a mud mask, maybe slippers.
  • Campout: S'mores fixings, a little flashlight, bug spray, sunscreen, maybe a blanket.
  • New Driver: Steering wheel cover, fuzzy dice, keychain, air freshener.
  • Student: Back to school notebooks, pens, pencils, sticky notes, and other office supplies.
  • Summer gift: pool toys, frisbee, baseballs, blow up beach ball.
Really you could add candy to any of these, because who doesn't love candy?!
And speaking of which, you could always do a candy poster.

What are your favorite free, or cheap gifts??

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