Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monster Hand- The husband back scratching aid

If you're anything like me, you enjoy getting your back scratched. My husband loves it too! And lucky for him he has a wife with long nails who sometimes likes to get acrylics. Nothing is better for a back scratch than acrylic nails. Unlucky for me my husband does not have long nails and does not like to get acrylics. Therefore, his stubby little nails are not the best for back scratches. SO, I came up with this little beauty. It's the perfect way for a wife to get 'acrylic nail' scale back scratches, without having a husband who is a little more feminine than you would prefer.

I got a pair of exfoliating gloves for like$6 at Target and a pack of acrylic nails that came with nail glue for about $5. I used one glove to make a back scratcher and kept the other to use in the shower.
Want to make your own monster hand? Have at it:

So why the name monster hand?? Because I just happened to buy a green glove and with nails it looked like a monster hand.

Go ahead, make a trip to the store and get ready for a life time full of back scratches you've always wanted!

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