Friday, April 18, 2014

If You Give Jocelyn a Broom...(and other forms of ADCD)

If you give Jocelyn a broom, she'll likely sweep the kitchen floor. But as she goes to put the broom away in the laundry room, she'll notice a load of laundry that she forgot to put in the dryer. But to put those clothes in the dryer she has to take out the load that's already in there. Once she piles the clean, dry clothes into a laundry basket, she'll take them into her room to dump on the bed so she can fold them.

But once in her room, she'll notice that the bed isn't made and decide to set the basket down to make the bed first. As she goes onto her husband's side of the bed to tuck the sheet in, she'll see a pile of discarded objects that he was too lazy to put away and scoop them up to take them to their proper home. As she places a magazine in it's spot on the bookshelf she'll see how dusty the bookshelf has become and rush off to get a rag to dust it.

When she opens the cupboard with the cleaning supplies, her eyes will completely pass over the rags and focus in on how unorganized the cupboard has become and she'll pull everything out so she can replace each item in an orderly fashion. But once she has emptied the entire cupboard she'll see that she is out of toilet bowl cleaner and get up from her place on the floor to add toilet bowl cleaner to her shopping list.

One look at her shopping list will remind her that she hasn't put dinner in the crock pot yet and if she doesn't get it in now, it won't be ready until 9pm. When she starts to make dinner she'll make a mess on the counter and go to clean it up but find that there are no more paper towels on the paper towel holder. So she'll have to go out to the garage to get another roll.

In the garage she'll see that a stack of storage boxes has fallen over and she'll want to clean them up. In one of the boxes she will find a cute framed photo that would look just fabulous on that empty wall space in the bathroom. She will grab the photo and rush back into the house, neglecting the fallen boxes and head straight for the bathroom.

As she hangs up the photo she'll drop a nail on the bathroom rug and see how desperately it needs to be washed. She'll leave the photo propped on the bathroom sink and carry the rug into the laundry room. Once in the laundry room she'll most likely see the broom. And if you give Jocelyn a broom...she'll probably want to sweep the kitchen floor.

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  1. This is wonderful, not to mention amazingly accurate of the endless,disjointed task of cleaning! You have a gift, girl!