Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday Night

So I'm sitting here at work bored out of my skull because there is no school today and therefore no one on campus so I really don't have anything to do. I worked on my Christmas list for my mother who wants it before black Friday, I made a list of books I'm going to check out from the library when I get off work, I've checked facebook and pinterest...the next step is to catch up on my blogging.

So this is a story about how I married the most incredible man in the world. It's called:
"If only I could really LMAO, I'd be a much skinnier girl"
And it goes a little something like this:

Nobody likes Mondays. This past Monday however, wasn't especially bad. I went to work and school knowing that I didn't really have anything to do and in a couple days I would be on Thanksgiving break. Looking forward to the free time I would have in the next couple days, and the stress I wouldn't have, I was able to actually enjoy my Monday. I headed home from work at around 5pm to get started on dinner. I stopped by City Market to drop off our latest Redbox and pick up a new one. (My choice this time.) After standing in the cold for 10 minutes I narrowed it down to 'Just Go With It'. I hadn't even seen the previews but the synopsis sounded funny and it had Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston, both of whom I like, so I went for it.
At home I tossed the movie on the table/Chris' desk since we no longer actually have a table, and went to the kitchen to start cooking turkey for our turkey tacos.
"I got a movie that you may or may not like," I said as I walked in.
"I already know, you got a girl movie."
"Just look up the trailer, it's called just go with it."
"I know what it's called: Girl Movie, I'm looking it up right now."
Chris thinks he's soOOoo clever. But it did make me giggle a little bit. Check out the trailer he watched:

"It's a romantic comedy," Chris reiterates.
As if I needed any convincing since I was the one who picked out the movie. Back to the kitchen.

As the turkey cooked I chopping onions and Chris, being the nice (and obedient) husband that he is, started unloading the dishwasher. All was normal until Chris opened a cupboard door right above my head and as he opened it he sang an opera style 'Ahhhhh' in one high pitched tone but immediately stopped when he closed the door. Then he opened the cupboard right next to that one and repeated his opera singing for that cupboard with a different pitch but the same loud 'Ahhhh'. Then he slammed that cupboard door, stopped singing and opened them both with an even higher pitched 'Ahhhh'. And before I knew it my kitchen had turned into some sort of orchestra with Chris as the conductor, running from cupboard door to cupboard door and producing a somewhat strange yet hilarious song to say the least.

At this point I was crying not from the onions I had given up cutting, but from laughing so hard. And Chris was kind of like a child in that the harder I laughed, the more inspiration he had to continue his orchestra conducting. I ending up sitting on the floor and begging him to stop as if he were violently tickling me instead of just making my cupboards sing.

Eventually I finished cooking dinner and we watched our movie. Aside from laughing at the movie it was a pretty normal dinner and a movie sort of event.  That was until after the movie when we felt the need to reenact the funniest parts of the movie. Like this scene where you meet the man who has had way to much botox.

After we finished the movie we kept trying to laugh like this guy to make fun of him but then we would start real laughing so hard that we couldn't keep a straight face. In our fits of laughing Chris fell over (we were already sitting on the floor) and knocked over a glass of water. I yelled at him to watch out but I was impossible to understand in between fits of giggling. 
"Hurry get a towel, clean it up!" I said with a huge smile on my face.
Chris looked over at the large puddle of water, and then up at me, then reached over and proceeded to rub the water into the carpet with a goofy grin on his face. I was partially annoyed at the fact that he was making the puddle cover a wider area carpet but that annoyance was outweighed by how incredibly hilarious it was.
I grabbed a towel just in time to watch Chris attempt to reenact his scene:

Now I'm sure you're could he mimic this scene by himself. Well he wasn't trying to get a coconut up to his mouth...he was trying to pick up the remote with his butt. Ha. That was funny. However the remote was so small that he couldn't squat down low enough to pick it up, and he fell over. So obviously we erupted into fits of laughter again. and again. and again.

"Are we weird?" Chris asked me. And you know what...we are. And I know we are. But it always makes me think of this quote: 
If there were ever a quote to describe Chris and I, this would be the one. We are weird. Both of us in our own weird way. And since we've been married I think we have actually gotten weirder. But we have so much fun with our weirdness. It's brought us closer together. He is the only person who will let me let out my crazy, wacko side but he still finds me attractive somehow. I love that about us and our relationship. I love that we could never act the way we do around each other around anyone else. 

SO this is my advice to anyone currently or who will ever be husband shopping. Look for someone who will make you laugh without trying but still tries to make you laugh. Look for someone who will tell you how much he loves your hair when you wake up in the morning and it is up in so many different directions that it looks like you just got out of a wind tunnel. Find the guy who asks you not to put make up on...A. cause it takes too long, and B. Cause he thinks you look better without it. But most importantly find the guy who will let you be you and doesn't mind your crazy quirks and someone who's crazy quirks you love and don't want to change.

I thank God everyday for my amazing husband and the incredible relationship we have. He is my best friend through and through. I never used to believe in soul mates or anything like that. But I think "maybe, we were made for each other."


  1. Okay. I laughed SO hard at this. You and Chris are the BOMB :D And that's excellent husband shopping advice!

  2. This post is hilarious! I am so glad that you feel this way about each other. Clayton and I experience "are we weird?" moments ALL THE TIME. I am so glad I have a husband that can be just as weird (sometimes weirder) than I am. You two are the best. Thanks for being our weird friends.