Friday, February 27, 2015

Evelyn's 18 month update

I know, I say this with every monthly update I do, but I cannot believe how fast Evelyn grows and develops. She learns new things on daily basis and mimics everything we say. It's adorable but also a little scary. Time to be careful about what we say, not that we use bad language but you never know what she could pick up.

18 month stats:

Weight: 21 lbs 29 %
Height: 32 in 44 %
Head:48 in 94 %

Pancakes are always a win.
Her eating is still a mystery to me. She'll go a week eating mixed veggies for lunch and loving every last one and then one day she will throw the plate on the floor and demand something else. But since her vocabulary is still limited, that something else is usually, "cookie."

When we can't get her to eat Chris has developed this trick of having her smell the food, the lick it and then eventually try a bite. Or there is the classic airplane bite. She loves that so much that she fed Chris an airplane bite the other day, complete with sound effects.

Just napping with the kitty
She's been sleeping through the night for a while now. Nothing much has changed in that department. She takes one 2 hour nap a day. Not long enough to get anything done but it's a nice little break for me to reset.

Gotta have that 'bee'

She has to have her blanket ("bee") when she goes to sleep and a pacifier (dummy) and she wants a book read to her ("boo boo") and a song which she lets us know by humming or holding up all five fingers and saying, "quack" which means the 5 little ducks song. That and Old MacDonald are her favorites.


She loves her toy kitchen and makes food for her dolls and stuffed animals. She's still loves her car and pushing anything around in the little stroller. She doesn't really have favorite toys but she seems partial to balls. We have this big cardboard tube that we prop up on something and she likes putting balls inside and watching them roll out the other end.
She insisted on putting her jammies on the baby doll.

Her new favorite toy is her Barbie ("bobby") which I got on super clearance. I'm thinking the reason it was so cheap is because it was a bikini Barbie and maybe those don't sell well in Utah *chuckle*.

Evelyn's two most favorite places to play are outside in her sandbox and inside in the bathtub. The latter usually happens right after the former.

She LOVES being read to and has nicknames for her favorite books, Mickey is happy: "happy", Moo, Baa Lalala: "La la", The numbers book: "One!", Oh my Oh my Dinosaurs: "happy" (the first line is "dinosaurs happy."

Her vocabulary has really grown in the last few months. She's learned new words (bear, money, highchair, cute, gone, done, lap, sit, push, show), new animal sounds (grr for a bear, doodle doo for a rooster, sss for a snake), but the most exciting part to me is how she's learning to put words together.

First it started as just, "Hi. Mom." and "Brush. Hair." and "Light. On."and "Tie. Wear." and "Whats that"
but now she has this little version of 'Where are you' that melts my heart. If she's looking for her blanket she'd call out in a sing song voice, "Bee. Areoo". It's so cute!! When she finds what she's looking for she says, there you are or "derooare.

Oh, and when we pull into the driveway once we've gotten home she says, "Home!"

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