Monday, June 23, 2014

Doing Disney part 4: Disney with a Baby

This is the fourth post in a five part series on a Walt Disney World trip. Click here for part 1 on Disney for Adults, here for part 2 on Accommodations, and here for part 3 on Restaurants/Dining Plan.


Seriously though it's terrible. Our trip wasn't horrid but that's only because my parents were there and were more than willing to take their turn helping out with Evelyn so I could do some fun stuff. Also, for the most part, they don't like roller coasters. There was still things I had to miss out on because I had a baby sleeping in a stroller and strollers, unlike wheelchairs, aren't allowed everywhere. If it had just been me, my husband, and Evelyn, I am positive it would have been a miserable trip because babies are generally as follows:

  • They don't care about rides.
  • They don't want to stand in line.
  • They don't want to be held, they want to crawl and play.
  • They don't understand why they have to be trapped in their hot stroller. 
  • They don't really care about the characters.
  • They don't want a souvenir.
  • They don't want to wear a princess dress.
  • They don't want to stay out ALL DAY LONG  and miss their naps in a nice comfy bed.
  • It's hot and they cry and then you get frustrated because it's your vacation too and you can't do what you want to.
So my advice: Cancel your trip and reschedule it in 5 years pending a subsequent pregnancy.

But if you ABSOLUTELY have to bring your baby to Disney World, Disney does have some things in place to help with bringing a baby to the park. All the parks have a baby care center complete with high chairs and changing tables and overpriced diapers and baby food. 

There is also something on the rides with height restrictions called a rider swap. Let the cast member guarding the line know that you want to do it and you and your other adult companion will both get to ride the ride. Not at the same time, but at least you get to ride.

And you should probably try and take a break in the middle of the day so your kid can take a nap in the air conditioned hotel or cut the day off early so they're not throwing a temper tantrum after being overly tired.

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