Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Doing Disney part 2: Accommodations

This is the second post in a five part series on a Walt Disney World trip. Click here for part 1 on Disney for Adults.

Read on for fun pics from the resort we stayed at and my 5 reasons for staying at a Disney World Resort.

So I didn't pay for our trip, so it wasn't up to me to find something affordable for my tiny family of 3. If it had been, we would not have stayed on Disney property cause we're poor. The end.

However, my Dad has just a tad more money than I do and he was willing to pay for all of us to stay in a Disney Resort. After talking to a Disney travel agent I determined that our best bet would be a suite at The Art of Animation. As far as an adult hotel for all us adults, this was not the best fit. But I thought this one was better than our other option at The Old Key West Resort solely because it had two bathrooms.

So we lived with the loud (and I mean LOUD) decor for a week and you know what, I'm glad we did because it was actually pretty adorable. Our resort had four little, for lack of a better term, lands: Cars, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid. Each section was decorated for it's land. Every last detail was accounted for. The outside of the hotel in the rooms, the hallways, even down to the plant life chosen for outside of the hotel. For instance, the Cars land was very desert-y with mainly rocks and not a lot of greenery whereas Nemo and Ariel land had a ton of plants that looked like seaweed and Lion King land had big trees and looked forested.

Larger than life replicas of characters from the movies were there too. And the swimming pools were too cute! The Cars one was designed after the Cozy Cone motel and the Finding Nemo one had a ton of water spraying everywhere and a splash pad full of Nemo characters and under water plant life (replicas, not the real thing).

The room was a tad cramped for 5 adults and a baby but for the amount of time we all spent in the room (i.e. sleeping) it was perfect.

Check it out:

The Little Mermaid


The Lion King

So why pay more to stay at a Disney Resort anyways?


When you stay at the resort you can get a bus to and from the parks and you don't have to shell out the $20 for parking. If you do want to drive to the parks, you get a parking pass so you still don't have to pay.

Con: the buses can get pretty packed and the lines for the buses can get long.


Just look at the pictures above. Any Disney Resort will be the same. It feels like you never actually leave the parks even when you're going to bed.

Extra Magic Hours

When you stay at a Disney Resort you get to use extra magic hours. This basically means that before a park opens or after a park closes, resort guests get an hour or two to be there when there is less volume and shorter lines.

Now the key is that the park that has magic hours that day is generally more crowded. Even if people don't wake up early enough to use the morning magic hours, they'll still go to that park. So start the morning off with your magic hours and then head to another park for the afternoon. Then do the opposite for your evening magic hours.

I found this blog extremely helpful in this aspect of planning.

Dining Plan

When you stay at a Disney resort you get the option to purchase the Disney Dining Plan. I'll tell you more about this in the next post.

Room Delivery

If you buy a souvenir in the park you can have it delivered to your room. You can also charge things to your room which eliminates the need to bring anything with you to the park. Magic bands do that also and you can only get those if you stay in a resort too!

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