Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm getting so enormous!! (I.e. Week 37)

How far along?  37 Weeks
Total weight gain? 37 lbs (I either lost a few pounds or weighed myself wrong at my last appointment.)
Maternity clothes? Yeah. There are only so many clothes I can still fit into and let me tell you... I'm getting sick of this wardrobe!
Stretch Marks? I think I see some faint ones. Eeek! This baby better come out before she gets much bigger!
Best moment this week? I'm in the nesting phase so it's been really nice to organize and get everything ready. But I'm getting really antsy about cleaning and I just don't have time (or energy). Also going to the chiropractor felt absolutely fantastic! Oh and I got my carseat/stroller combo from my parents!! Good week!
Miss anything? I want to lay on my stomach more than anything!
Movement? Yes! 
Food Cravings: Sweets
Anything making you sick or queasy? Bad smells
Worst symptom: Heartburn
Labor signs: I think I'm feeling some Braxton hicks contractions, but I can't be sure. 
Belly button in or out? Out.
Wedding rings on or off? Off. 
Happy or Moody most of the time? I'm gonna go with moody. 
Looking forward to: Getting this baby outta here!!

Love it!

Not quite as big as a watermelon. But close. 

Yeah there's a watermelon hidden on the other side of my belly...

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