Monday, June 3, 2013

Guess who finally got a haircut?!

 Picture one arriving in HI, Picture 2 arriving in UT 10 months later.
Notice the difference in Chris' hair length. 
We had so much fun growing Chris' hair out in Hawaii! Okay, well I had a lot of fun with it. His hair had never really gotten long, and Hawaii seemed like the place to let it all hang out.

I really think he pulled off the long hair well. I mean look him. Cute little beach bum with his sun bleached hair. 

It was even more fun once we got back to Utah where no male has hair this long. I kid you not, random people at some public establishment or another would comment to Chris that they really liked his hair. At first he thought they were making fun of him. Then he realized they genuinely liked his hair. 

But as it continued to grow, it became harder to manage and Chris doesn't really like to look like a bum. He even briefly considered shaving his head which I shot down immediately. Instead he decided it was time to get it cut.

And while he was getting it cut, I got a facial. It was glorious. Ok, are you ready for the big reveal??


All his natural blond highlights, in a heap on the floor.
Uh Whoa! Check out the stud muffin!
Don't get me wrong, I loved his long hair. But boy did I forget what he looked like with short hair! Whew! My husband is hott!

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