Monday, January 14, 2013

Seeing spots

Had a little bit of a scare last week.

On Thursday, late afternoon, I noticed some spotting. To any normal not pregnant woman this means that time of the month is coming to an end, usually a good sign. To a pregnant person, it could be nothing, or it could also be:

  • Early signs of a miscarriage
  • An ectopic pregnancy- when the embryo implants outside of the uterus
  • And infection
  • Placenta Previa- a condition where the placenta grows too close to the cervix
Needless to say, I was worried. And with all the research I did, the first thing recommended on each website was to contact your doctor. Well by that point on Thursday the office was already closed, so one agonizingly worriful night later, I got a hold of a nurse who sent me to get another ultra sound. 

Well no surprise, it really was nothing and I'm growing a healthy little human in my belly. In fact, that human has grown so much in two weeks that we could easily see it on the ultra sound machine through my belly (no probing necessary).

It's little heart was just beating away and it has little buds where it's starting to grow arms and legs. Such a clever little baby growing arms and legs all on its own (can you do that?).

In other news, I have been in this bed for so long that I am finally sick of staring at these four walls all day. Yesterday was probably my worst morning sickness day yet and hopefully it will start to get better from here (oh please oh please oh please).

Oh and get this, I totally have a super power! Smell! No really, it's totally legit. All super powers are, are heightened senses right? Seeing through walls, jumping super high, uhh...flying...those are all senses right? Anyway, I can smell anything and everything. What the neighbors are making for dinner, how recently a dish has been washed (based on how strong the scent of dish soap is), the scent of your shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, cologne, and aftershave, approximately the last time you brushed your teeth, or the last thing you had to eat. 

If I had the choice, I'd choose a different super power.

Well here's to another day laying in bed. At least yesterday I finally got to watch the Lorax. Way cute movie btw. 

Someone please call me, email me, SOMETHING!


  1. I just made a batch of chicken tortilla soup. Can you smell it from where you are? Are you guys making a list of baby names?

    1. I'm sniffing!! Bring me some! We are working on our names list. Just you wait!