Monday, December 16, 2013

Mom Date

I have some shocking news folks. This whole being a mother business is not easy. This may come as a surprise. In fact it's so not easy that it makes me wonder how people who fail at life can pull it off.  Cause I like to think that I'm pretty good at life but this whole mothering thing is a doozy.

In my head on this perfect mother who has it all together. I keep the house clean, the laundry done, and when my husband comes home from work there's dinner on the table. I'm in a beautiful dress with my hair perfectly coiffed and I'm wearing a strand of pearls.

And in all my spare time I play with my daughter to help her development, I bake everything from scratch, I exercise and read to further my own personal development. In my head this is how other mothers are so this is how I need to be.

When I'm at the grocery store with no makeup on, in my sweats and uggs and I see the women with infant carriers and perfect makeup and clothes I can't help but think I'm doing this all wrong.

Today was just a rough day. It felt like Evelyn cried ALL. DAY. LONG. I couldn't get anything done, I didn't feel great and I just sat there and held her and felt like mush. So when Chris got home I rushed out the door wearing no make up in my Uggs and sweats and went on a mom date.

Mom Date: A date a mom goes on with herself when she literally doesn't want to be near anyone with whom she would be expected to converse, be interesting, or look presentable including but not limited to spouse, children, friends, acquaintences, and enemies.

I took myself on a mom date to go see the Hunger Games and it was suprisingly wonderful. I wholly enjoyed watching a movie in the theater all by myself. I didn't feel the need to be cute, in fact I didn't feel the need to be anything. I just vegged in a public place and it was glorious and I enjoyed every minute.

I even almost missed my crying baby by the end. Almost.

I don't regret anything about having my daughter when I did. It was a conscious decision. But it doesn't change the fact the being a mother is a lot of hard work. Anyone who leads you to believe otherwise is lying. It's hard and it's draining and exhausting and thankless. And sometimes you have to take yourself on a mom date and not care what anyone else thinks.

And all you mothers out there, myself included, need to cut all other mothers slack and not judge on appearance or anything else for that matter. We all know how hard it is, no joke ya'll. Let's just all love each other.

And when you see that mom (i.e. me) at Target who looks like she hasn't showered in a week, wearing mismatched shoes, with a twitchy eye, don't give her that sympathetic smile that says, "I know how you're feeling, I can tell by the way you look." Shoot her an understanding nod that doesn't acknowledge that she's different from any other person you pass that day.


Now go take yourself on mom date girlfriend. You deserve it.