Friday, January 4, 2013

Internship Reflections

Well my internship is over. Sad. I had so much fun with it and really learned a lot. That was definitely the best way to spend my fall semester. Plus being in Hawaii the whole time didn't hurt. Although, I'm still not sure that broadcast is what I want to go into. There are a lot of elements of it that I really enjoy, but my main career goal is to be a mom and I'm not sure I can be as hands on as I want to be when I'm working such crazy hours and on holidays and weekends.

My last day was really perfect. It was extremely news worthy because of the Connecticut school shooting (of which I have decided not to discuss in this post, because this is a happy post and that was void of anything good). I also got to meet the lead singer of the band Everclear. (You may remember Everclear from 90s hits such as Father of Mine, or Wonderful). And all my colleagues super nice and grateful for the time I spent being an intern. Someone even told me that I was the best intern they ever had!!! (Whoa!)

But enough talking, how about some pictures and videos?!

All the standups I did during my internship. And with those come, of course...


First and last day of my internship. I purposefully wore the same outfit. I'm weird.

Guitar giveaway donated and decorated by Journey

Art Alexakis of Everclear
The morning show group

Check my videos page for more news stories I made during my internship!

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