Friday, February 20, 2015

Our trip to Georgia

Visiting my family in Georgia was such a blast! The downside was that Chris was still in Utah and both my parents had to go to work everyday.

My days with Evelyn were spent trying to keep her from pulling the cat's tail or crying when the dog barked and visiting with my friends who still live in Georgia.

My evenings and weekends were reserved to spend time with my parents and let them get to know Evelyn a little better. But enough of my jabber. Take a look for yourself

^^Rocking an outfit I wore as an infant.

^^So polite at church

^^Fun at the park with Grammy

^^My friend's adorable daughter who is clearly obsessed with getting her picture taken

^^Watching TV with PeePaw

^^Playing with my second mom

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  1. That last picture has melted my heart into a tiny puddle.