Friday, January 2, 2015

16 Month Milestones

Yes, that is a brownie she's eating after she climbed on the table to retrieve it.
 I haven't done an update on my precious baby in forever! A lot has changed since she turned one. For instance, since her cake smash she is sugar crazed. It's all she wants. It's not a good sign for the future.

Since August she's started running and jumping and dancing and singing and talking. It's crazy how fast babies develop! I can't even believe it. It was only a year ago that she was an immobile, drooling infant. Look at her now:


This little girl eats everything she can get her hands on. Even if she found it under the couch... But if she can get her hands on it, she will eat anything covered in sugar. Go figure. Chris is the candy addict in our house and if she hears him rattle anything that even sounds like a candy wrapper her hand is out and she is asking for some.

Other than sugar, she loves yogurt and scrambled eggs or anything that either of her parents are eating.


All Evelyn wanted for Christmas were cars. She LOVES pushing them around. But her favorite car is her cozy coupe that she can get in and drive herself.

She got a play kitchen too and has already figured out how to 'pretend' to eat and drink. She even makes slurping sound effects.

And if she's not playing with one of those things she's trying on all her shoes (#suchagirl) or reading.

Oh and I can't forget about her babies that she pushes around in her little stroller. She rocks the baby and gives it kisses. Honestly she kisses anything with a face, including Christmas ornaments or nativities.

Look Who's Talking:

Evelyn is quite the little communicator. She can say a ton of words, although not all of them actually sound like the word she is trying to say. But she knows quite a few words in sign language. Usually she says them too though.

Words Evelyn says that actually sound like the word:

Mama, Dada, Thank you, up, baby, eye, wow, cheese, egg, bowl (but it when she says it, she's referring to a spoon), Bubble, knee, bye bye, no, poo poo, pee pee, bow, ow, on, hi, hello

Words Evelyn says that only we can understand:

Car, keys, blanket (bee), bless you (usually sounds like thank you), help, hot, ball, mouth, milk, more, open, apple, book, please, kitty, puppy, head, shoes, sock, bounce, ear, yellow, banana, coat, mix, rock (like in a rocking chair), back.

Sound Effects:

Moo, Meow, Oo Ee (Monkey), Woof, Quack, Neigh, Baa, Ooo (when it's cold outside), Mmm (when something tastes good), Ahh (When she waves her hand in front of the heater and feels the warmth).

Cuddles are few and far between so we have to capture them every time.
This girl has got an attitude on her. She's already a pro at fake crying and throwing fits. Oh joy. But in addition to that she can fake laugh, cough and sneeze. Such a ham.

Chris taught her how to rub my back so whenever I lean forward she says, "back" and rubs my back. It's precious. She loves to brush her hair and use my powder brushes to do her "make-up". She's a little mountain climber and is always climbing on top of everything!!
She wouldn't sleep one night. I was already asleep and Chris brought her in bed with us.
She crawled over to me and fell right to sleep, just like this.
She has a hard core case of stranger danger so being babysat by anyone besides her aunts is pretty much not gonna happen. But she'll be happy to wave bye bye to you or blow you kisses.

Don't you love the scarf? She's so fashionable!
Her tricks are things we try and get her to do when we facetime my mom. I've already mentioned a few. She also bounces on the trampoline or couch and dances like a pro.

She loves rolling around on the floor and playing horsey with daddy. She throws away her dirty diapers and can bring things from one parent to another (which is especially convenient when we're on opposite couches).

We're still working on getting her to clean up her toys but the other day she did put some clothes back in a drawer that she had pulled out earlier.

Evelyn is the light of my life. She is a lot of work but she makes me so so happy. All I want to do is hug and kiss and love and squeeze her. But she's so independent she's not always a big fan of that. But when she does initiate the kiss, she always says thank you. So polite!

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