Monday, October 6, 2014

Home Remodel Stage 3: Expansion part 2

So things are actually starting to look pretty dang impressive. For the most part, the whole house is framed. I can actually walk through each of the bedrooms and see how big they are and imagine how I'm going to decorate. I'm so excited!

No really I am! It is all seeming more real.

Now that the rain has slowed down and we no longer have a cup duct taped to our ceiling in our bedroom to catch drips, things are on their way up.

The biggest down side right now is that my father in-law, who was really making things happen, went back home and now it's up to Chris to do it all on his own. It's not that he's not capable it's just a lot of work for a first time person to do and it would go faster if he had a seasoned builder to be a more hands on helper.

But we can't ask for miracles here. The current goal is to be able to move in by Thanksgiving. So cross your fingers that we'll make it!

In the meantime I'll just wander upstairs every so often and daydream.

Oh, and something for ya'll to look forward to: I'm working on a time lapse of the exterior! I've got a little spot on the sidewalk marked for my camera tripod and I've been out there several times a day getting shots of the progress. So when all is said and done, you'll get to watch the whole thing happen from day one (more or less).

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  1. That is such a great idea to do the time lapse! I'll bet you will love looking back on it and seeing the progression. Good luck to you and Chris! What a huge project!