Friday, August 22, 2014

Fresh Home Friday: Birthday Calendar

Now that I'm adult (as if that just happened) I feel like I should be one of those super classy wife/mom types who always sends out Christmas cards and birthday cards and get well cards, and basically just all the cards. ALL THE CARDS.

That's so many cards. Which also equals a lot of stamps. At first I sent everyone Christmas cards and I love doing that. But then it turns out that basically no one in any of my circles does the whole Christmas card thing. So I never get any. And that's sort of sad. So last year I just posted it on Facebook and also felt super lame about it. But that's a whole lot of money to spend on cards and stamps all at once.

Birthday cards on the other hand are a little more dispersed. So although I might be spending the same amount, or even more on birthday cards, I don't notice quite as much because it's spread out throughout the year. But the bigger problem is that...I don't actually know when anyone's birthday is. Hehe.

So today I present to you some fresh ideas for a birthday calendar.

001 I like this first one, but with my husband's family of 11 children, and a combined 15 aunts and uncles, not including spouses, it could get out of control fast. I guess we could just choose the most favorite family members to send cards to...
Buy it here.

002 I love this one because you can potentially have as many names in it as you want and you don't have to worry about hanging it up somewhere. It can sit on a desk or shelf.
Buy it here.
003 These printables are cool for a similar reason, because you can just stick them in a birthday binder. Although I suppose the downside of 2+3 is that they aren't hanging up in your face, so you might forget about them.
Download here

004 This is one of my favorites because you can hang it up and it's cute without someone being like, "Oh hey look..birthdays." And the little flags are small enough that you could have quite a few birthdays on there. It's the same size no matter how many people are there, as opposed to the first one that just keeps getting bigger. I couldn't find the origin of the image, so I might just have to make one myself!

005 This is another great one for keeping it small. Could go in a frame like #4 or go in a family organizational binder.
Buy it here
006 One final favorite. This looks pretty easy and fun to make. It's got the cute factor and, like the rolodex, could easily sit on a table, desk, or bookshelf with the correct month open so you don't forget. The tutorial below is technically for an advent calendar. But the same idea would work for a birthday calendar too. (Also it's in French).
Tutorial Here
Theoretically an adult person, like myself, would have a box full of cards for all occasions and genders so that one day every month I could sit down, write a birthday card for each human on my birthday calendar and get them ready to mail out a week or so before the big day. Theoretically. I guess when and if I do get around to doing this birthday calendar business, I should probably make a card box too. 


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