Monday, August 25, 2014

Arizona Adventures

Boy oh boy do I love me some alliteration. I guess that's pretty much a given...Make Something Monday, Writing Prompt Wednesday.... Speaking of which, today is supposed to be Make Something Monday, it being Monday and all, but Evelyn and I took a last minute trip to Arizona to enjoy the last little bit of summer and I haven't made anything except waves in the pool. (See what I did there?)

So today you're going to get my travel diaries and I call them

Arizona Adventures

Last Thursday afternoon, Evelyn and I hopped on a plane at the Provo airport and hightailed it to Mesa, Arizona. That hour and a half long journey taught me that gone are the days of a relaxing flight where I can read a book, take a nap, or stare off into nothingness wondering when the plane is going to land. Now my hour is spent wrangling a baby who desperately wants to be crawling down the aisle of the plane to meet some new friends. Only she can't. Because the flight attendants aren't down with that, yo.
Shameless airport selfie

That evening we went to dinner at the Gecko Grill and decided to bypass the wait and eat on the patio. That turned out to be the best option because Evelyn hates sitting in a high chair, so I let her crawl around on the ground and eat rocks. Most nutritious dinner ever.

Friday was the way all summer days should be. After Evelyn's morning nap we went to my Aunt's house, lathered up with all the sunscreen (So much sunscreen. Sunscreen sucks. Except it doesn't, because it keeps you from becoming a fried lobster or prematurely aging or crying because your skin hurts to be alive. So that's pretty good I guess.), waited an acceptable amount of time for it to soak in and then pooled it up big time.

Such a camera diva...excuse the snot.

"I hate you so much right now." 
Dino tamer
Why is it so funny to see mean words on a children's toy. Don't worry, this is as bad as it got. We couldn't think of any other bad four letter words...
Evelyn has only been in an actual pool one other time, so this took a little bit of getting used to. We started her off in one of those fancy baby floating apparatuses and she was like, "Hey, get me outta here I wanna swim." So I did and it was so much work keeping her from drowning. But after about an hour she was ready for a nap and that's when the real fun began. (Does that sound bad? I swear, I love my kid!)

I just got to lounge in one of those fancy adult floating apparatuses that lets you be partly in the water and partly out of it so you can stay cool in the water and still tan. But not burn. Because we seriously re-applied sunscreen every hour without fail. And I read my book, which is really good and my little sister Madeleine followed me around begging me to play with her.

No, she's not 6. She's 18. And she wanted to play in the pool. She's the cutest. We had races only using our arms or only using our legs or only using our left arm and left leg and she hard core schooled me every. single. time.

When Evelyn woke up, she had a blast exploring some new toys at Aunt Tsa's house. And maybe Madeleine and I had fun too...

It was the perfect summer day, with my perfect baby and perfect baby sister.

Saturday was essentially a repeat of Friday with a few deviations:

001 The most delicious macaroni salad that has ever tickled my tastebuds
002 Helping raise awareness for ALS by getting a big ol' bucket of ice water unceremoniously dumped on my head.
003 Putting Evelyn in a less fancy floating apparatus that allowed her to be so much more independent. (Unrelated: Also putting her into a baby bikini which was way cuter than I expected.)
004 S'mores and a dive in movie at Club Red.

This girl cracks me up!

She like the fancy one out of the water.
Dive in movie = projector + screen on pergola at the pool
The name of my Aunt's summer paradise

You know it's a perfect s'more when it gets all over your face.

I wish I could pick a favorite part of those four, but I just can't. Dinner was so delicious and I will find the recipe and share it with you. It was so fun doing the ice bucket challenge with Madeleine and my Aunt. Evelyn was so dang cute and independent and I couldn't believe how fast she is growing! And I really love s'mores. And I loved eating s'mores with my cute sister who loves s'mores even more than I do. And the dive in movie was so fun, and it was my first time watching the notebook which was an experience all in itself. But you'll hear more about that on Wednesday.

Sadly Madeleine left Sunday morning which is the worst and I miss her and want her to come back. Like now. 
Then at church, the strap of my dress broke off and I had to rig it back together with my earring. 
Just call me Macgyver
"But Mom! I don't wanna take a nap!"
So that happened.

I'll be here for another week and the plan is to pretty much repeat a combination of Friday and Saturday everyday. So if you'll excuse me, I have some pooling to do now. 


  1. Aw, I love her headband with the flower! My sister is expecting a girl and I can't wait to splurge on cute things like that for her baby!

    1. Thanks! I think it's from Target. Good luck trying to choose what to buy your new niece. There are so many cute girl things, it's nearly impossible to decide!

  2. What an adorable little one!! :)

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  3. We all enjoyed your company Jocelyn and Evelyn!! Especially grandma Judy. She absolutely loved it!!! Hope you can come back real soon!