Saturday, February 15, 2014


So I have this kid. She's pretty dang adorable and she lights up my whole world. At 6 months she is so full of personality!

I haven't updated you on her wonderfulness lately so here's a quick "what she's been up to":


Still breastfeeding full time. We tried bananas and she is not really a fan. Too slimy maybe. It was so funny when she tried them for the first time she made this face like, "what is this putrid object you have so forcefully shoved into my eating receptacle?" And then she did like a full body shudder and I laughed for a full 5 minutes.

We tried rice cereal and she liked that much better but it's a lot of work to give her real food and breast feeding is a lot easier so until her doctor says to give her more real food it'll be pretty sporadic.

She loves rubbing this blanket her Great Grandma crocheted all over her face when she sleeps.
Her sleep has been ALL OVER THE PLACE. At one point around 4.5- 4 months she was waking up every two hours like a newborn! So she was sleeping with us so that I could feed her while I slept and not be a zombie all the time. Then some nights she would only wake up once and we would rejoice until the next night when she stayed up all night watching us sleep and giggling loudly like an adorable little chipmunk planning some sort of scheme.

But now she seems to have developed some sort of routine (knock on wood). She wakes up around 3 and then again around 5 and is up for good around 8 ish. It's actually not too bad. She eats and goes right back to bed. And we finally put her in her own room *gasp*. I'm glad to have my bed back. But Chris misses her. I too am surprised by this.

Normally she gets in 3 naps a day that are around 2 hours, give or take.


Baby girl has found her hands and loves to use them. She loves putting all sorts of things toys and otherwise in her mouth. She loves pulling my hair. (I don't love that part so much). She does this super cute thing where when she wants to grab something she gets this super concentrated look on her face and starts bending a flexing her fingers to work up to it.

She grabs her feet and apparently knows those exist. She does huge open mouth smiles and gaspy baby sort of giggles. When we're doing something and not giving her 100% of our attention she starts talking and it is by far the cutest thing that she does. Sometimes it sounds more like a singing.
Chris propped her up on her changing table after a walk in her snowsuit.

She totally sits up by herself! Sure it only lasts like 2 minutes tops but she's getting so good at it! She rolls from tummy to back like a boss and a couple days ago she made it back to tummy! I may have shrieked in excitement.

Watching TV with Mom

Her favorite thing to play in is her saucer chair thing. She loves it!

Bath time

I got tired of filling up the entire bathtub for her baths so I've been giving her baths in the bathroom sink. Since the porcelain is a little cold on her porcelain bum I line the sink with a hand towel. She loves baths in the sink roughly a thousand times more than she did in the back tub. I think it's because I fill it up more so she's not as cold.


We left Evelyn with someone who is not my mom (or little sister) for the first time on Thursday (day before Valentine's day). I was super nervous that she would cry the whole time or that I wouldn't enjoy myself because I would be worried about her but she did really well. (Well, after she cried for a while and wouldn't let Carrie put her down. But then she slept the rest of the time.)

I really love this stage of life right now. It's probably my favorite so far. She's so curious and discovering things and it's amazing to watch her develop. I LOVE MAH BABY!!!!

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