Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Second Question

It's the one that comes after my reply to, "What are you doing now that you've graduated?" And I answer, "I'm just going to focus on being a mom right now."

It's the question that annoys me more than the first. In fact it makes me mad. It's always asked with that holier-than-thou-you-just-wasted-four-years-for-nothing tone in their voice and matching look on their face. It makes me want to scream and smack them and question their college education.

It's the question that doesn't actually require an answer. The one that calls my decision making skills into question. It makes people wonder why I even bothered going to college, why I wasted the money. It's more of a statement that basically says I didn't plan my life out properly with a friendly question mark on the end.

"Oh, so you're not using your degree?"

Yes actually, I am. I did not spend four years in college for nothing. I went there to gain an education and experience. I went there to learn about life and how it works. I did not simply attend college to get a job afterward. But guess what, if I needed to go out looking for a job right now, I'd have a college degree to lend me a helping hand.

My degree involved learning about different communication mediums. Guess what one of those was...yep, blogging! I got to learn how to shoot and edit video which I love. Am I using that one? Well check out my videos page and you tell me.

In getting my degree I was forced to bring myself up to a higher level of thinking, understanding and communicating. Do I use that regularly? You better believe it.

I had to take a wide array of generals including science, finance, history, art, english, dance, and 20 credits of Russian. Do I use each one of those things individually on a daily basis? No. Have those things collectively helped me to become a more well rounded intelligent and less ignorant functioning member of society? Yes.

So yeah, I am stay at home mom. I do a lot of laundry and dishes. I am constantly cleaning, feeding, burping, and rocking. Some days I don't even leave the house. And I am using my college degree.

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