Monday, July 8, 2013

Full House

My family got into town this past week!! My Aunt Darla, and her three kids Savannah, Sierra and Jack and then my mom and little sister, Maddie. I had 8 people in my itty bitty two bedroom apartment! But it was such a blast and I was so happy that everyone was here. It had been over a year since I'd seen them and that's just too dang long! 

In lieu of telling you everything we did, take a look at these fun pictures:

My very full apartment!

Trying on maternity clothes at Target! (week 35 ish)

Chris helped Jack make his own frog habitat!

It turned out great!

I was making dump cake for dessert for the 4th.

All the ladies cooking in the kitchen

And the man doing the grilling (he's a pro)

You can tell that they're sisters!

Jack loved Chris' long board!

My mom bought me charms for an adorable necklace. J for Jocelyn, C for Chris and E girl.

Temple Square in SLC

They threw me a little surprise baby shower since my Aunt and cousins wouldn't be able to come to my real one.

My mommy buys me the nicest gifts!

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