Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 28

Please excuse the awkward mirror photos...

Chris has been busy and by the time he gets home I don't
 look picture perfect anymore.
How far along?  28 Weeks
Total weight gain? a million lbs
Maternity clothes? Yeah
Stretch Marks? No.
Best moment this week? Preggo yoga and feeling the baby 
Miss anything? Not especially.
Movement? Yep!
Food Cravings: I might have eaten 5 donuts yesterday.
Anything making you sick or queasy? It happens randomly
Worst symptom: Indigestion is making falling asleep rather difficult
Labor signs: Not yet.
Belly button in or out? Um neither. It's flat.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time? At the moment, moody.
Looking forward to: Buying baby things!

What's that you say? I appear to have skipped a few weeks? Well at my last prenatal appointment, my midwife informed me that they're putting my due date back to Aug 9, my original due date. I guess it was something about Hawaii doctors being incompetent or something. Just kidding. Apparently the later they change a due date the less accurate it is. Plus I was measuring at 28 weeks at my appointment. So there you go. Baby might be coming earlier than we thought!

Baby girl is the size of an eggplant and it sure feels like it! I feel gigantic! I don't think I'm waddling yet though. She's positioned in such a way that when I'm sitting I'm fine, but when I stand or I have been standing I have to pee like every 5 seconds. Its a little annoying.

I've been super good about exercise! Every MWF when I don't have school I do yoga, a little strength training and go on a walk. On occasion I walk home from school which is about 1.5 miles. I feel so great when I exercise and I think it will help A. get back to pre pregnancy cute Jocelyn and B. Have a better birth and labor. They say that labor is like a marathon and you have to train for a marathon and that's what I'm doing!

I have to apologize. I feel like I'm totally neglecting this blog. Between writing for The Red Dirt Bride and blogging for my English class and trying to update here at least once a week I'm writing about 10 blog posts a week. Whew! So bear with me while I get the hang of all this school and work nonsense.

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