Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 25---Happy Mother's Day!

How far along?  25 Weeks
Total weight gain? 17 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yeah
Stretch Marks? No.
Best moment this week? Visiting family in Colorado
Miss anything? Not especially.
Movement? Especially when I eat sugar
Food Cravings: Nah.
Anything making you sick or queasy? It happens randomly
Worst symptom: I'm having more shortness of breath nonsense. Not fun.
Labor signs: Not yet.
Belly button in or out? Um neither. It's flat.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Sleepy. Is that a mood?
Looking forward to: Buying baby things!

So I think my belly grew a ton over night, cause all of a sudden I noticed that my belly button was flat and almost an outy! I feel sort of huge though. Kind of looks like I swallowed a basketball.

Baby girl is the size of a head of cauliflower and weighs in at about 1.5lbs. And babies are born between 6 and 10 lbs, so I've got a ways to go. But I'm in my third trimester!!! So I'm probably going to get way big way fast...yay.

Chris and I went to Colorado this weekend to visit his family. We've had such a good time and I'm glad they live close enough that we can make a weekend trip to visit. We got to see two of his sisters in The Little Mermaid community theater play and they were fantastic!

Caitlin was one of Ariel's sisters!

Chris helped his dad organize some stuff and found a baby bassinet and a high chair that they offered us! Yay for more baby things!

And they had like three cats have kittens around the same cute!

Oh yeah...we also shot a bow and arrow.

Today is my first mother's day as a mother. It's a little weird because while yes, I am a mother, my baby is still inside me and it still feels a little surreal. But it makes me all that much more excited to meet her! At church they gave all the mothers this little quote picture thing that said,

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

I thought it was especially fitting for my situation since I am literally my baby's world at this point. I'm the only world she knows. 

I spent my mother's day registering for baby things which is so much fun but surprisingly a lot of work. I spent a crazy amount of time researching products and reading reviews and I think I came up with good stuff. But I can never really know until I meet the baby and see what she likes. (I put a link to my registries on the left side of the blog, but you can also find it on the bump at this link.)

Well, tomorrow I get to enjoy the 6 hour drive home and the all too frequent stops for me to go to the bathroom. Isn't pregnancy fun?

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