Wednesday, December 26, 2012

There's really a baby in there!

Up until this point I have had a sinking suspicion that I'm not really pregnant. That suspicion has only gotten stronger since we told our families that we're expecting. I was so nervous that now that we had made the announcement to the world, it would turn out that my body was just making those pregnancy symptoms since I wanted to be pregnant so bad. Well today, I learned that those three pregnancy tests I took weren't lying.

I had my first doctor's appointment today! It started off by the dreaded, "Here, pee into this cup." Of course the one time that I'm being asked to pee, my bladder is empty. Some how I mustered up a little something and in the process, peed all over my hand.  Does anyone ever do those things without getting pee all over themselves?? But that pee led my doctor to assure my that, yes I am pregnant.

I spent the rest of the day getting poked and prodded and probed. I feel so violated. I've been feeling sharp pains in my stomach which I read were due to my uterus growing, but the doctor seemed a little concerned, so she sent me to get some blood work and an ultrasound.

Unfortunately I had to get both the blood work and the ultrasound at two different places (also different from my doctor's office). But before that, my doctor sent me to get some possible remedies for this insatiable nausea. So instead of filling the prescription my doctor gave me, since I want to try and not use any drugs, I get to wear these cute little wristbands:

I'm lying. They're not cute. Mine are black and they look like sweatbands and I look like a tard and I'm not even sure they're working. They're made for sea sickness or motion sickness but in theory they should work for morning sickness too. The idea is that the little white plastic thing pushes a pressure point (acupressure) that relieves nausea. I think my nausea has gone from an 8 to a 3 but it's still not gone. We'll see if I'm able to go to work tomorrow.

The doctor also said that it's good to eat whatever sounds good to me, because I need food. And then she turned to Chris and said, "So give her whatever she wants."

So after our appointment, we went to McDonald's and I helped myself to a double cheeseburger and fries, which actually sounded good at the time.

Then we headed to get blood work, and after that the hospital for my ultra sound. I've never had an ultra sound so that was an experience all on it's own. For the most part the technician was looking at my uterus and organs and whatnot, nothing too interesting. Chris was absolutely enthralled which made her laugh because she wasn't looking at anything.

But then she turned the screen so I could see, and what I saw was the cutest little blob I have ever seen and a flickering spec that turned out to be the heartbeat.

There is it! My cute little blob!

Okay, I know there isn't much to look at, but to me it's incredible! That little blob is actually a growing baby, in my belly!!!

I'm just praying that everything is okay and that the doctor has good news when she looks at all my lab results. I want that little blob to keep growing into a cute, strong, healthy baby.

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