Friday, November 16, 2012

Bishop's Museum

I decided to go to Bishop's museum because I read about it, somewhere and I pass the sign for it every morning on my way to work. Unfortunately, our trip there was a bit of a let down. Even with our in-state discount it still cost $22 for the both of us.

For some reason, I feel like when you get older you're 
supposed to like museums and learning and stuff. Well despite the fact that I'm not a teenager anymore, the museum was pretty boring.

The exhibits are all about the Hawaiian culture and whatnot which is probably interesting, but in a museum atmosphere, it was just boring.

The good news is that since I wasn't there with my mother or a school group, I could skip through the boring stuff and just look at what I thought was interesting (which wasn't much) and I wasn't the only one. I think Chris was also disappointed that we spent so much money on something that was such a dud.

The only actual fun part was the science exhibit (but who 

doesn't love a good science museum?) There were cool games, that were actually science but the pretended to be games so people would like them.

We watched this lava demonstration which was pretty cool and relevant because we're living in Hawaii and there are volcanoes here. It was interesting to learn about the life of a volcano and see what lava looks like up close.

There was this weird tunnel with a black light and neon painted sea life. That was interesting. We were all glowy.

So in the end I probably wouldn't go back (even though they just opened this cool bug exhibit). It was too expensive and when it all comes down to it, a museum is just a museum and for the most part, museums are boring.

                                                                               More Pictures:

Early Hawaiian renditions of...women?

Sea creatures hanging from the ceiling.

Ancient Hawaiians hung these over their children's beds to scare them into falling asleep.
(haha jk)

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