Friday, June 15, 2012

Koko Head hike

My legs are shaking just remembering this hike. This one was much different from Manoa. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Instead of the hike being beautiful and the end result being sub par, the hike is extremely difficult and grueling and but the view from the top is so worth it.

This hike is not for the faint of heart. Is is not a hike for children or strollers or people who are extremely out of shape. The hike consists of about a million 'stairs' up to the top of a mountain. The so-called 'stairs' are in actuality railroad ties, and they don't exactly make the hike a whole lot easier.

There are many places where the steps are difficult to walk on and some places there is cement filled in the middle making it very easy to loose your balance and fall.

The steps just get steeper and steeper and steeper, the further up you go. There are no switch backs. Just the steepest hike of your life. And there are no hand rails. Just you, the other people hiking, and the constant fear that you are going to go tumbling to your death. I might be over exaggerating. a little.

The other thing, is that the steps are dusty, making them a little slippery. So bring sturdy shoes and sunblock and water!

It's important that you go first thing in the morning (6-8am) or after the sun goes behind the mountain. Not only is there less people traffic at that time, but that way you won't be baking in the sun while you attempt to accomplish this hike.

Don't get me wrong, while the hike is difficult, the view is INCREDIBLE and absolutely worth it.

Just make sure that once you get to the top, you don't just stop at the top of the steps. Keep going around to the other side of the point. That's where the real view is. Pictures don't do it justice. The view is just amazing.

If you can believe it, the hike back down is harder than the way up. It's even easier to loose your footing trying to walk down the dusty, slippery "steps". So be careful and go slow. And be courteous and step aside for those crazy people who come and run it everyday. They're in shape. They could kill you.

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