Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Take Two.

For those of you who don't actually want to read my hilarious witty remarks, I put the video at the top to save you from the carpal tunnel that you would inevitably get if you had to scroll all the way to the bottom to watch it.

For the rest of you....

I daresay this second go round was more difficult than the first. This time I didn't have an advanced reporter helping me. Plus the professor I was going to interview as my professional on the topic wasn't available and so my story fell apart a little bit.
CUE: Me bawling
CUE CHRIS THINKING: She's gonna have to quit.
CUE MY INCREDIBLE MOTHER: La La La I have the answers!

My awesome mom gave me a little motivational speech (It looks like I'm going to need one of those weekly. Good thing my dad will be in town next week.) and directed me towards another source I could use for my story. Thankfully the woman I called was super sweet (or super excited to be on tv) and helped me set up a whole interview and I got some great B roll. 

My main interview took me all the way to the University of Utah and with rush hour by the time the interview was over it was dark outside....which meant that I couldn't get any more B roll. So I pretty much just had to hope that there were some stories in the archives that had footage that I could use.

I really enjoyed talking to Lexie Kite who is one of the creators of Beauty Redefined. I wish I could just do an hour long feature on the campaign she and her sister have designed. It really is incredible. Lexie is such an empowering person and I felt good to be around her. She gave me all kinds of info about why and how the media is portraying images of women that cannot be achieved by a real person. So as a result women have horrible body image, horrible self esteem, it leads to eating disorders, and unhealthy women when they realize they can't actually be as "beautiful" as the images they see in the media. YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE: beautyredefined.net
They are also on Facebook and twitter.

Anyway...since it took me so long to get back to Provo (also since we had to make a pit stop for Chris, who was my awesome camera man for the night, to get him some new baby frogs from his supplier in SLC) I only had a little over an hour to ingest my video into the computer and write my script.

I got the ingesting part done and even found some footage I could use for my story for b roll. (Sort of. Just watch the story. I bet you'll be able to tell what doesn't exactly fit.)

I got home and went straight to bed by 11:30 only to wake up at 4am to write my script. 
**Please note all the work I am doing in order to make deadline on Thursday.

CUE: Story meeting Thursday morning- "Jocelyn you are a floater today"
CUE ME: thinking "A what?!"
CUE PRODUCER: "That just means that since this other girl's story didn't work (her camera didn't record anything) we're sending her out to do a live story on the career fair and that will take longer than a regular package would so we have to cut your story. But we will keep it just in case something goes wrong with her story and if not then it will stay in our records in case we ever have a hole to fill."

CUE: resentment, jealousy, annoyance, etc.

So yes. That could have been me. My story fell apart too. I mean not that bad but still...I could have been the one getting the fame of doing the live shot. Okay Okay...So this was a good learning experience for me. I'm in this class for the experience, not for the fame. (since so many people watch KBYU and all...)

So this whole floating thing was good and bad. Good because I didn't have any deadlines to make...bad because since I didn't have to make any deadlines Bro. Curtis kept pushing my aside when I wanted to get my script approved so he could help other people.

So I understand that those people needed to go on the air so obv he had to approve them first. But I was left just sitting there twiddling my thumbs. I couldn't edit my script since he hadn't told me what to fix. I had already cut all my video the way I wanted it. So by the time I FINALLY got my script approved (granted this was after about 6 or 7 rewrites) the show was airing and I didn't have a lot of time before class ended.

In the long run I guess I'm kind of glad that the story didn't air. Because of my lack of B roll, it isn't my best work. Plus I had to cut a lot of great stuff about the beauty redefined campaign since my story had to be so short. Well this week I'm taking the bull by the horns and doing stuff early. Even if that means that my story might not get approved at the story meeting at least I will have the peace of mind of knowing that I am working on it and have done my best.

Well I should have that peace of mind but for some reason I'm still stressing out about it. BLARGHH! Only 76 days until finals and if I counted correctly only 9 more stories I have to do. I'll probably be pro by then. Ha.

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