Monday, June 27, 2011


I am sitting here at work, bored and wondering what I can do to occupy my time for the next hour and a half and a thought occurs to me: I am an extremely blessed person. I have never really truly wanted anything that I couldn't have. My whole life I have had food, shelter, and loving family and friends who support me and guide me through life's toughest times. Although there are still silly, meaningless things that I want ( a TV, new clothes, a nicer car) I have everything I need.

I have had amazing international experiences in Germany, France, England, Scotland, and Austria. I have been to 3 of the 5 Disney parks in the whole world (Disney Land CA, Euro Disney in France and Disney World in Florida). My parents always had the funds to send me to camps and programs that I wanted to participate in. I got to take dance classes and theater and I was encouraged to succeed in whatever I chose to do.

What else do I need? I mean really truly need? If I am happy now...what can make me happier?
5 People I am most grateful for:

1- My Incredible Husband
Christopher is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is constantly teaching me how to be a better person. He takes care of me, which is incredible because I don't generally accept help from people. He puts up with my unexpected and ridiculous mood swings. He is constantly making me laugh and reminds me that it's okay to act like a kid, no matter what your age is. Chris has helped me to expand my love of the outdoors. Most of all, he loves me. He loves me more than I have ever been loved and I feel it every time he smiles at me.He is my everything.

2- My Parents

My dad has been my shining example of a follower of Christ. One of my fondest memories of him is waking up in the morning to find him sitting on the couch in his red and black striped sweatshirt reading his scriptures. I know he loves the Lord and through him I have learned how to do the same. He was my protector as a child, giving me his socks (clean of course) to put under my pillow to scare away the bad dreams. He was the one who held my hair when I was sick and stayed home with me to watch old westerns.

My mom is an angel. She has helped more people and done more service than I can even describe. Anyone she has ever come in contact with has been blessed by her caring heart. From her work with Girl Scouts to CASA to Jessie's House to her everyday mother is a saint. She always told me that I am beautiful the way I am and I am capable of anything.

3- My J&Ms (My siblings).

(L-R Michael, John, Jessica, Me)
(Maddie and Me on Halloween)

Jessica, Michael, John and Maddie.Words cannot describe my gratefulness for their existence in my life. I am grateful that they were there to be a Malmfeldt with me. I love the support, love and protection they have given me my whole life.

4- My Duck (Mallory 'Mallard' Cooper)
Where to begin? We were in fifth grade Horizons together. Then didn't see each other again until high school. But we've been best friends since 9th grade. Mallory has been my listening ear, my secret keeper, my story teller (the girl with no ankles), my dance partner, and the crazy girl who goes through things in life at the exact time I seem to be going through the same thing. From day one our personalities just meshed. I am so grateful that I have a best friend who knows everything about me and then some and doesn't judge me for one second. 

5- My Aunt Darla

Darla has given me makeovers since I was 3. Helped me pick out clothes since probably 6. Took me to get my ears pierced when I was 8. She is the one I can talk to about the weird random things and she gives me guidance and counsel without judging me. She has been there for all the important moments in my life. My baptism, dance recitals, birthdays, graduation, wedding. I have always been able to count on her for everything. She even put up with me when I was at my most annoying age when I lived with her. She has bought me more fun presents than I can count. Everyone thought that I would be jealous when she had kids. Turns out I love them just as much!

There are so many more amazing people in my life and I wish I had time to mention them all. So instead just check out the pictures below. For any of those mentioned above that happen to be reading this, thank you. For everything you have ever done for me and will do in the future.

So what are you grateful for?


  1. are an awesome girl, and such a great example to all around you. You are a blessing to so many.

  2. I love you sis. I'm grateful for you!

  3. I love you Jocie, thanks for being you!!