Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Baby it's Cold Outside"--What's it really about??

I know you've heard the song. You probably even like it, I know I do. But have you ever taken a minute to really analyze the lyrics of the song? Don't worry, I've done it for you and the results are a tad disconcerting. My brother actually brought it to my attention a few years ago. 

The cold hard truth: "Baby it's cold outside" is about date rape.


I really can't stay - Baby it's cold outside

I've got to go away - Baby it's cold outside

This evening has been - Been hoping that you'd drop in

So very nice - I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice
We can sum up this whole section with an obvious, "It's been fun but I've got to get going."

My mother will start to worry - Beautiful, what's your hurry?

Father will be pacing the floor - Listen to the fireplace roar

So really I'd better scurry - Beautiful, please don't hurry

Maybe just a half a drink more - Put some records on while I pour
She's laid out a very sound argument but he's started putting on the moves. Well sure it's hard to leave when your crush is all like, "Heeeey" so she agrees to another sip of a drink. No judgement girl, we've all been there.

The neighbors might think - Baby, it's bad out there
But then she realizes the connotation of her actions.
Say, what's in this drink? - No cabs to be had out there
And the roofies are starting to make her dizzy.
I wish I knew how - Your eyes are like starlight now

To break this spell - I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell
Of course she's calling it a spell, she's been drugged and is starting to lose her speech. He, however, is totally ignoring her fears and is continuing to 'woo' her, as if this is the normal way to get a girl to go to bed with you.

I ought to say no, no, no - Mind if I move in closer?
She's trying to say, "No" but she's getting all woozy and confused. He's using that to his advantage.
At least I'm gonna say that I tried - What's the sense in hurting my pride?
Oh she did try. But no one is immune to being drugged.
I really can't stay - Baby don't hold out

Ah, but it's cold outside
She's attempting to leave again, but to no avail.

I've got to get home - Oh, baby, you'll freeze out there

Say, lend me your coat - It's up to your knees out there
If at first you don't succeed, maybe pretending everything is fine and asking to borrow a coat is a good strategy. But he'll try and convince you otherwise.
You've really been grand - Thrill when you touch my hand
You might even try to reiterate how much you do like him and maybe if things got serious ...but he's got a one track mind.
Why don't you see - How can you do this thing to me?
"Why don't you see, I'm slowly passing out...this isn't normal.." "But baby, you can't come over and just tease me like that.."

There's bound to be talk tomorrow - Think of my life long sorrow
"Everyone will call me a slut and there's nothing I can do about it," "Yeah but think about how bad I want this..."
At least there will be plenty implied - If you caught pneumonia and died
"I know you'll tell everyone it was consensual." "We can make this easy or hard..." 
I really can't stay - Get over that hold out
"Please, let me go." "Get over it, this is happening."

Ah, but it's cold outside
Oh, baby, it's cold outside
Oh, baby, it's cold outside

See, it's pretty obvious when you take a good hard look at it. Still catchy though. Just beware when your date for the evening want to sing this as a duet...

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