Thursday, September 25, 2014

Home Remodel Stage 3: Expansion

Building a house is seriously hard work. I mean I'm not actually building the house, but it sounds like hard work.

I'm sitting peacefully (ha) beneath the house and my only job is to keep my daughter alive. So nothing has changed really. Except that now I have to keep her happy while it sounds like there is a war going on above us. It's making nap time really interesting.

Although as I write this she is amazingly fast asleep and I'm sort of in disbelief. But I'm just going to quietly count my blessings and hope it's a long nap so I can regain some semblance of sanity.

I never realized how stressful this whole process would be on me. I mean I'm not actually doing any building but it's still pretty stressful. I guess living in a construction zone can do that to you.

Chris' dad got here on Saturday morning, bright and early and they started working right away. Then unfortunately on Sunday the ceiling was leaking (I say ceiling because there is obviously no roof) so they had to work to get things finished faster to prevent a Noah's ark sort of situation.

But things appear to be coming along quite nicely. I have a doorway up, which is pretty thrilling. Makes the whole thing seem real. I stood up there and squinted my eyes to pretend that it was finished and I was looking out my open door. And they're done with the plumbing so I can see where my bathrooms will be.

There's even a stack of walls in the back yard that I assume will go up as soon as they put the floors down.

It's pretty exciting stuff people!

And I know, you're excited for me too right? But before you start spit firing the barrage of questions I'm sure you have, take note, there are just some questions that I am done with. So done.

Questions to not ask a person going through a tortuously long home remodel:

1. Are you excited?
In theory, yes I am. But this excitement started in April and at this point it's just frustration and disbelief that it may actually be happening. Yeah I'm super happy to have a house soon-ish but I've stopped counting my eggs before they hatch cause it's just too exhausting.

2. What color will the outside be?
I don't know.

3. How will you decorate?
I don't know.

4. When will it be done?
I don't know.

5. What's the floor plan?
Ask Chris.

6. ARE YOU EXCITED?!/!?!!?! 
GAH! Stop asking me that question!! Ask me that after we've started moving in and I'm getting to buy new furniture. And honestly, just stop asking me questions altogether. That'd be great.

If I happen to be in a chatty mood, I might tell you all about the progress and how everything is going. Otherwise, just smile and tell me about your life, preferably in a voice that sounds nothing like a power tool.