Friday, July 18, 2014

Fresh Home Friday: Easy to follow cleaning schedule

The fact that I'm calling this post Fresh Home Friday is a tad ironic since what I'm living in can only be considered a home in the broadest sense of the word and it is far from fresh.

I've been neglecting my household duties for the better part of a two month...we'll call it a vacation. I flew to Georgia on May 21 and got back on June 10, a Tuesday. That Friday we went to Colorado and didn't get back until Monday evening. On Wednesday, my mom, dad and sister got to town and my mom just left this past Wednesday. So since May 21, I have had a total of three days sans guests.

So needless to say, my house is in need of a deep clean. I know what you're thinking (I really do, I'm a mind reader ok?) I certainly could have been cleaning while I had family in town. And the floor did get least once. But it's no fun to spend time cleaning when you could spend time hanging out with family, and let's be honest it still felt like vacation and no one cleans on vacation!

Now it's time to get back to the normal swing of everyday life, and that means a cleaning schedule.

Right after I finished school and I didn't have a job I was going totally stir crazy in the house all day. It was too cold to want to go outside and I had a new baby who was still figuring out a nap schedule that I didn't want to mess with. Because nap time is hap(py) time. So to keep myself sane I developed some semblance of a schedule for myself and it is mostly filled with chores. If I'm not going to make money doing a job I might as well put the same amount of effort into being a stay at home mom, am I right?

I thought I'd share that schedule with you today. It's a sure fire way to make sure your house gets clean throughout the week without spending the whole day, everyday, cleaning.

Big Chores:

You could change any of this to work for you on days you might need certain things done. Even rearranging when you wash which laundry loads. Saturday's deep clean means one big project like: cleaning out the fridge, wiping down appliances, scrubbing baseboards, washing trashcans, etc. You pick one of those a week and your house will stay pretty dang clean.

On top of the big chores, I also have dailies. These are done everyday. This is something you'd also want to personalize based on your house but mine look like this:

I like to leave space in the event that I decide to write something in on one of the days. So then I put it all together, add an 'Other' category, slip it into a sheet protector and hang it on the wall. That way I can cross things off or write in new things with a dry erase marker. It would obv be way cuter if you stuck them in frames but I already had sheet protectors and didn't feel like buying frames so there you go. Functional, not necessarily cute.

This is what one day looks like for me:
I like to print mine on fun paper too. Anywho...there you go. Time for me to go clean something before the baby wakes up. Happy Friday! Now go work on making your home fresh!

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