Monday, August 12, 2013

Best Mom Ever

As I patiently (as patient as can be expected) await the arrival of my daughter I want to brag about the woman who taught me what it means to be a mom: my mom. I am so utterly blessed to have her in my life and even more blessed that she has sacrificed her time to be here with me to help me learn the ropes of this thing they call motherhood.

I could write a whole book on what an amazing person my mom is, but for the sake of length I'm going to stick to how she's such a great mom. I think my mom's name should probably be 'Service' because I feel like she doesn't know how to do anything but serve others. Since she's come to my house she's taken a load off my swollen achy feet and done all the grocery shopping and meal cooking which are two of my least favorite things in the world. 

She's cleaned my house and bought new baby girl lots and lots of presents. And you saw the baby shower she threw me. She's a saint. And there is no question in my mind that she loves me and my husband and her unborn granddaughter. 

I don't know what I did in heaven to deserve such a great mom. We just finished running some errands and we got home and she immediately told me to go lie down and relax while she put the groceries away. And on top of everything she's done for me, she's a great friend. 

She's easy to talk to and easy to listen to. She's not one of those boring people who drones on about nothing and never let's you get a word in edgewise. And she is so observant of others and so conscious to figure out how she can help them. 

She's a better person than I'll ever be because she doesn't fib and she doesn't complain and she doesn't even know the meaning of road rage. But I can accept that. I only hope that I'll be half of the mother that she was to me. She has been such a great example and continues to give me invaluable advice. I'm not horribly worried about the kind of mother I'll be because I have a great mom to look to as an example. And maybe someday my kids can do the same with me. 

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