Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fighting food

I can't believe how much my outlook on food has changed since becoming great with child. Eating has become the biggest ordeal.

What will I eat? What can I eat? What sounds good? What have I not thrown up recently? (Something about seeing food come back up makes it really difficult to swallow that same food down later. I.e. yogurt, tomato soup, babybell cheese, Taco Bell, mashed potatoes.)

Before getting pregnant I was always struggling with dieting. Not any no carb thing or really specific plan. I was just working really hard to eat the right amount of the right foods and count my calories to ensure I wasn't eating too much. However, my 'diet' often diminished into "I'm watching TV and I'm bored I'm going to get a snack...and another snack....and another snack" until all of a sudden I've eaten so much food that I'm incredibly full and don't even want to figure out how many calories that was.

Now it's more like:
Chris- what do you want to eat?
Jocelyn- I don't know...
Chris- do you want A, B, or C?
Jocelyn- no. None of that sounds good.
Chris- how about you try and eat some D.
Jocelyn- ok, I guess I can try that

Then I get whatever food D is and I stare at it. I move it around with my fork. I take a tiny nibble. I gag. And then I tell Chris I'm done and feel miserable.

Eating is such a chore. I don't enjoy any aspect of it. I wish I could just get all my nutrients through some sort of feeding tube inserted directly into my stomach so I don't actually have to eat. That would be nice.

Maybe by the time I get to month four I'll actually want to eat. But the way things are going I won't have to worry about gaining too much extra weight.

What have your food experiences been like in pregnancy?

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